[Interview] "Together with BEAST even in 2012"..New Year's greeting !

BEAST wearing hanboks for their New Year's greetings. 

BEAST member Doojoon, Hyunseung, Junhyung, Yoseob, Kikwang, Dongwoon is seen giving out New Year's greeting together with pictures through their agency, Cube Entertainment on the 23rd.

"Thanks to all of you, 2011 has been a rich year well-spent. Let's not forget to be thankful and even in 2012, let's run much farther together. BEAST will also fly higher and do watch out for a much better BEAST. To all the people that I know, I wish you all good health and to be happy." (Doojoon)

"Everyone, this is Hyunseung. The magpies of the New Year's has come(1). On this New Year's Day, eat loats of delicious meat and ice cream with your family and it is alright to gain weight. Do your New Year's diet later. Let's get your luck early and eat, fighting! This year, when BEAST comes will you together make sure it'll be a blast? Happy New Year, in 2012, let's together step up and look up!" (Hyunseung)

"The New Year of 2012 has dawned. I hope to be happier than last year. I'll grow up more so I could receive lots of love. Do receive lots of luck. This year, BEAST's goals and aspirations are to be recognized by more people. In addition, the misunderstandings and prejudices will disappear in hoping for this year. I love you." (Junhyung)

"2011 has been a great year, thanks to B2UTYs. In 2012, BEAST will try to make B2UTYs happy. New Year is to be spend together with families. Everyone too must enjoy their New Year by eating lots of delicious food. Out first solo concert will start from Seoul and hope to receive lots of love from all around the world. Hard work will always be accompany with a pleasant reward, I will gain one this year!" (Yoseob)

"Everyone, do eat lots of delicious food and take care of your body, also have a safe journey back to your hometown. It's been awhile since I go back home and it must always be happy to be with your parents and have many delicious things to eat. Do sit around with your families and share stories around while wishing each other a happy new year and be sure to greet(?) the New Year well. We BEAST also to give everyone the best that we have. We don't want anyone to get hurt/sick, our B2UTYs and other fans don't fall sick always. Together in 2012 and even in the future, let's be together for a lifetime. Please be happy." (Kikwang)

"Everyone, the New Year has dawned. Let's forget all the bad memories of 2011 and start happy and anew this year. In 2012, be healthy and with BEAST's memories, also with your loved one, do make a lot of happy memories. Thank you for always loving us. This year, I hope our world tour concert 'Beautiful Show' will finish with no one hurting and with my family and members, all the staffs and friends, also our fans and all the people that I know, the people who knows BEAST, compared to last year, let's laugh more, stay healthy and I hope tp receive lots of love this year. Peace!" (Dongwoon)

(1) song reference = Korean New Year's song called 설날(까치까치) or New Year's Day(Magpies)

CREDITS: edaily (SOURCE); zapsaple@B2ST RISING (TRANS)