[INTERVIEW] Secret's Jienu(3): End of an ordinary life

Continuing from Part 2

Through her activities with Brown City, Jieun's dreams of becoming a singer was slowly coming true. But an unexpected chance came to her: an audition for a famous drama production company.

“I got a call from a well-known drama production company so I went to audition. I did get in, but because it was a drama company, I was a bit disappointed that there were only a few singers in training. I became a trainee without a contract and officially started getting lessons.”

At the time, she should have been enjoying her life as a high school student. However, her endless practices did not let her do so.

“During my time as a trainee, I went to the recording studio everyday. It was only possible because the company sent my school official documents. I feel like all I did was practice singing in that practice room. I think this was the time when my skills grew the most.” (T/N: She said the exact same thing in the last article about her time with Brown City, but it is implied that she meant strictly vocally in this article, whereas in the last article she could have been talking about a range of skills.)

But she still has regrets. Having spent most of her school-life as a trainee, she barely had any time with her friends. “After 10th grade, I have no cherished memories with my friends. I regret the fact that I didn't get to live a normal life as a student. I don't even have a graduation picture because I was in my practice room the day they took it.”

As her longing for time with her friends increased, so did her stress. “Every time my friends asked me to hang out, I had to say no, and eventually they stopped asking. That made me really sad. I was in a slump for quite a while because I felt that my friends had no interest in me anymore.”

Her slump had affected her singing as well. “While my friends were stressing out about not getting good grades, I was stressing out because my vocal skills weren't getting better. If I got scolded my composer on one day, I would go to school the next day depressed. When my friends, who had no idea what was going on, asked me what was wrong, I would end up crying. I cried in my friends' arms in the morning and went back to the practice room after second period.”

“I really wanted to get a graduation album like everyone else, and I'm really sad that I didn't. In the end I know it was for my dream, but I had to give up so many of the little things.”

Part 4 coming soon.
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