[Interview] MBLAQ's Lee Joon, "Last year was the worst, hope 2012 will be better"!

2012, the new year has begun. For the lunar year holidays, many idols are getting stripped of their sleeping time and are busily working. In the midst of this, there are stars that are receiving the spotlight, attention, and anticipation.

MBLAQ's Lee Joon is one of those stars. A singer who debuted in 2009, he is continually working as a singer and actor, and has a different determination for 2012. This is because MBLAQ's new album has been released, and last year was specially hard.

Truthfully, MBLAQ has a nickname of "ill-fated idols". Many people say that "MBLAQ is the best in visuals and talent", but ironically MBLAQ has never received the top on the main 3 music programs. They have continuously come right in front of the number one spot, but have never received it.

Along with this, with words like, "Don't you receive stress? Don't you become upset when groups less popular than MBLAQ grab number 1?" asked to Lee Joon, he shook his head and said, "It's okay as long as I am not embarrassed myself." It was a wise answer. Lee Joon said, "If I was looking good to the viewers and I wasn't embarrassing when I judged myself then I am content with that. There's still times when I am regretful when I come down from the stage, but I am working hard so I can show everyone a perfect and amazing image."

Lee Joon has been creating a hot issue with his lavish performance on his recent album's 'It's War' stage. He is showing a acting where he gets shot and stage and falls. It's too big to call this performance simple, and Lee Joon's acting is so excellent that fans are constantly cheering passionately for him. However, Lee Joon is not being 100% content with himself. Lee Joon said, "In the performance, I have to press a button for the 'Bang!', but there's many times where I make mistakes. To do this performance, I have wires around my body so I can't dance perfectly, and if I don't match the sound perfectly, then I get huge amounts of stress." To prevent this mistake Lee Joon is constantly practicing and practicing.

Lee Joon himself is not content, but thankfully fans' love and attention are pouring out. Because of this, fans are greatly anticipating Lee Joon's actions for 2012. We asked Lee Joon for his plans for 2012, and he answered after thinking for a while, "I just don't want it to be like 2011." He created a lot of curiosity. Just what had happened in 2011?

"Last year was the worst. I can't explain the details but I have been betrayed by people around me and I have naturally become to the point where I can't trust people. There were many things I couldn't reveal to the public, and personally it was so hard for me. I hope it doesn't become like 2011. I am anticipating a year slightly better than that. If I dream too big of dreams, I'm going to be disappointed, so I'm not expecting great things, but I am hoping I can slowly start living a better life. These are my 2012 plans and my expectations."

With a determined expression after relieving some of the stress on his mind, Lee Joon revealed information on his plans with MBLAQ and his plans as an actor. He says that he's thinking of not going too far on grabbing plans. Lee Joon said, "As I work as MBLAQ, currently I don't think I can work on acting for now. After I master working as a singer and working on variety, I will slowly start planning my goals. Of course, it might be very late, but I'm sure that it will be better to work hard on my work. Right now in this situation there are many more things to experience and learn as a MBLAQ member."

Lee Joon's truthful words and answers have risen anticipation for him and MBLAQ in 2012.

◇Next are the reporter and Lee Joon's short questions and answers which were too hard to put in the interview.

-Why don't you do Twitter? All the other members do it.
▲It doesn't go with my personality. I can't handle fans well.

-How can you not talk to your fans? Especially now when idols are all over the web.
▲I don't know, I can't do it because it's too embarrassing. But I still try to treat fans well when I meet them. And I want to be close with them too.

-Alright. Anyways...red hair suits you well. You have become more awesome after releasing this album.
▲I don't think so. When I get stressed, I lose my cheek fat and I don't look good on the screen so my worries rise.

-This time all the members have become awesome.
 ▲Especially Bang Chulyong (Mir). We call him Bang Center. Because he is the rage these days.

-During this promotion, getting more fans will be good.
▲Truthfully I'm the MBLAQ entrance member but I think fans are getting tired of me. People say that I'm the type that people get slightly tired of. (laughs) After some time, the fans start liking a different group, or a different member. I'm the entrance and exit member... I will work hard so that I can prevent that.

-You are not the type that people get tired of. Is it because your personality is shy and fans find it hard to get to know you more?
▲That might be a reason too. I don't have that much celebrity friends either. My closest friends are SHINee's Onew and ZEA's Kwanghee, to this extent?

-Has your mentor (Rain) contacted you? What has he said about this promotion?
▲He did call, but we could only tell him the basic things and couldn't get into details. We don't know if he's seen this stage "It's War" yet but we haven't had any comments about it yet either.

Source: Newsen
Translations: Lovelyjoonie @ AbsoluteMBLAQ