[Interview] MBLAQ for Cyworld Special Starday

100% completed, the five members that have returned, MBLAQ! I'm curious about this!

Q. MBLAQ who has returned with their 4th mini-album! You guys have received lots of attention starting with your pre-released track 'Scribble'. Please introduce your 4th Mini-Album '100%Ver.' ^^.

A. In 2011 we released our 1st album, and now we're already at our 4th mini-album. Just like the title, we thought that this was the time to show our musicality charged to 100%, so we returned with songs that have been worked on since 1 year before. Before, we've focused on showing our style of music, but this time we also focused on having an album of perfection.

Q. You guys always surprise your fans with the different music styles you release every time~
What kind of stage concept will you guys be showing for this '100%Ver.'?

A. Everyone always seems to anticipate what kind of stage we will perform. That's why we always put in our own opinions. We want to say that it's an upgrade version of our 1st album's 'Cry'. We show our emotions like acting while putting strong feelings in our movements. We hope that many fans can love us this time around as well!

Q. You guys are creating a hot issue with your movie-like music video! Please tell us any episodes that happened during filming, or any hard times you guys encountered. ^^

A. The scene where we filmed was so cold that we and our staff suffered a lot, but we still had a joyful filming session. To show our cool acting, we tried fighting actions, and even used many special effects, and we were so happy because many fans were liking it, and supporting us a lot!

Q. Everyone's at the age where you guys should be dating! Please tell us each of your ideal types. ^^

A. Seungho - A woman with a nice gaze. I love it when people look upon me warmly.
G.O. - A woman who does her best. I feel butterflies when I see a woman trying her best and focusing on her task.
Joon - A kind woman who only looks at me. I like kind women!!
Cheondung - A woman who is petite and cute yet stylish. Am I too picky he he~
Mir - A cute woman with pretty feet. A woman who I want to protect is my ideal type.

Q. Please tell us about your future performances or shows~

A. For now, since our 4th mini-album has just came out, we will be performing "It's War" in Korea, and this year we are planning an Asia tour and are in the midst of preparing our 3rd Japanese single, so everyone please anticipate us.

Source: Cyworld
Translations: Lovelyjoonie @ AbsoluteMBLAQ