[Interview] Big Bang @ YG Family Concert 2012 in Japan Press Con!

Q. BIGBANG is back as five after a long time, what’s your thoughts?
G-Dragon: We are very happy that we are back as five, and we are very happy to stand here at this place. Last year, we have a lot (of problems), now we have an opportunity for a new start. To all of you that have waited for us until now, we will show you (a) better (appearance)

Q. What is your enthusiasm for the concert?
Seungri: Kyocera Dome is the largest dome in Osaka, and I feel so nervous because of it
T.O.P: I want everybody’s pure mind/heart to the concert

Q. What is the highlights of the concert?
SOL: We can stand as five after a long time, we choose the songs that Japanese VIPs can sing along with. Let’s play together

Q. Memories in Japan?
Seungri: When I first come to Japan, I was surprised to see ramen vending machines

Q. What do you think of Japanese girl fans?
Seungri: They are beautiful~ (laugh)

Q. For the upcoming YG Family Concert?

Seungri: We will be at Kyocera Dome for today and tomorrow, on January 21 & 22, we will be at Saitama Super Arena. Then, BIGBANG will be on Music Station on January 20

Q. New things you want to try this year?
SOL:  This year, we are courage to be world’s no. 1
Seungri: I want a concert in Tokyo Dome

Q. BIGBANG D-LITE-san’s fans have been waiting for your return.
D-LITE: There are a lot so far. Meanwhile, I feel I was taught how important things like our music and stage are. Today’s stage was very fun. We did a good work

Q. Message to Japanese Fans!
SOL: We are from Korea, please support us since we will have variety of plans in Japan
D-LITE: Please look forward for our various stages

Source: asian-hana//Via:bbforlife@tmblr