[INT] 'Model-dol' X-5 "hug with T-ara's Jiyeon...It was an honor but uncomfortable"

The first time we saw 5-member idol group, X-5, was at last year's music broadcast station. Their first impression was strangely different. Even among many artists, they stood out because of their tall heights.

Leader Ghun (Real name: Son Hyunseok•22) and Haewon (Jung Haewon•20), Taefung (Lee Donghyun•20), Zin (Jin Hyunjin•18), Sulhu (Kim Jinwan•16) make up X-5's average height which is 186cm. This is the tallest group nation-wide. The team's high school student maknae, Sulhu's, height is 188cm, but is worried that he is still growing.

Prior to the interview, X-5 came into the studio for a photo shoot, but their figures walking in made the reporters nervous. It was because their heads were about to hit the top portion of the door. It felt like they were watching school athletics.

Naturally, these guys were nicknamed as 'Model-dol' (Model + Idol). Using their tall height as a weapon, they completed promotions for the debut album 'Xenos' and are now following up with promotions from their first single album 'Dangerous'.

▶ 'Noble-dol . Model-dol' enough!, 'Supreme-dol' oh~ yes!

The main point of the interview was X-5's height. Because (we were) curious about this tall group's difficulties. Out of all of X-5's members, the shortest is Ghun being 183cm.

A different story from X-5's stories is 'Coordi's enviable group'. We asked them about what made them an envious group by their Coordi.

"Really? Because we are tall, no matter what clothes we wear, we will look good in it. I think we have heard sayings like that." (Zin),"The sponsored clothes are short. It didn't fit our body, so we couldn't wear it. So, there is no choice but to design the clothes from scratch. So the cost of the clothes were no wonder (T/N: He meant 'the cost is quite big'). We don't know too much about it but, I think we understand a bit of how basketball players feel and athlete Choi Hongman's sorrow." (Taefung)

-Was it intended to make a group of tall people?

"No. It's not like that. We just happened to come together and it ended up like this. Maknae Sulhu is 188cm tall, but he's still growing. The Coordi as well as the company are worried about him." (Ghun), "When we were young, we were not on the tall side but when we were in high school, we just grew tall." (Zin, Sulhu)

-Have you ever received an offer to model?

"Since the first time I debuted, I received a lot." (Haewon), "Even though it's embarassing, I've been in an advertisement. I showed up shortly on a beverage advertisement, even I cannot spot myself in the advertisement. Haha." (Taefung)

Because of their tall heights, after appearing on music broadcasts they received comments such as 'struggle', 'Seems like they don't have strength'. But these guys had taken martial arts, even passing up to 30 levels.

"We tied sandbags to our hands and legs while practicing. Tall height is an advantage, but it could cause a big problem so we are always careful." (Ghun, Taefung)

▶ We endured hardships at Cheonggye Mountain

X-5 suffered through at the shortest, 1 year of trainee life to the longest, being 4 years of trainee life. It was a long time, but just like other trainees, their main goal was to debut as a singer.

"Starting from our training period, we run up Mt. Cheonggye once a week to exercise. It was first proposed by the CEO, but later on we felt excited climbing the mountain so we climbed up more diligently. Eventually we ran back and forth. Exercising at Mt. Cheonggye not only helped build up our stamina and choreography a lot, but also many other things" (Everyone)

Starting from training period, X-5 has been living together in the dorm. Due to circumstances, the company cannot afford a big house for them to live. The first dorm was so small that the manager couldn't live with together with them. Thanks to the dorm, the five men made many memories together which only they know of.

- How was dorm life?

“The members and manager all have different snoring style. Manager snores prettily. Like 'Eo-eong~'. It's not only once or twice that we woke up because we thought that we heard a woman crying." (Zin), "When Ghun-i hyung hears mosquito sounds, he turns on the light and looks around. He won't sleep until he catches all of the mosquitoes. We use mosquito repellent, but there are times we sprayed it all over the members' face which woke them up. Haha." (Taefung, Sulhu), "We also raise a dog and the name of the dog is 'BoA'. No one knows why the name is BoA. Because (the dog) goes to the bathroom often, it's a job to clean up." (Ghun)

-Don't you practice your choreography or impersonations in the dorm?

"Because we are tall, our hands reach up to the ceiling. There are many constraints while we're practicing." (Haewon)

▶ Our dream is to have a 'solo concert'

X-5 is a group that has outstanding overseas activities as being an artist of 2 years. In 2011, they participated in 'First Open World Festival in Tokyo' along with Junjin, The Boss and other seniors in Tokyo Odaiba Difa Ariake theater, capturing attention from fans. Leader Ghun also progressed to be an active MC on stage.

-How does it feel on stages overseas?

"There are many big stages, and the response was extremely huge too. We were nervous but excited at the same time. We were overflowing with strength. After standing on such a big stage, everyone had thoughts of wanting to being able to put on a solo concert on such big stage." (Everyone)

-How does it feel standing on stage together with Junjin and other senior artists?

"All the members have been fans of Shinhwa ever since we were young. On yesterday's 'KPOPCON' there was an idol group competition to reenact Shinhwa seniors' performance and we got first place." (Zin, Sulhu)

-What advice did Junjin-ssi gave?

"He told us the most important thing on stage is the eyes. We exchanged messages on Kakao Talk with Junjin senior well. Junjin senior, if (you) saw any fun images/videos, please send it often." (Taefung)

▶ "Only chasing after one thing" Style!

In order for X-5 to survive being flooded by the music world, their keyword is to chase after only one thing. During the time they debuted, cute and lively idols such as Jokwon and Nichkhun were the trend. They are sticking to the masculine and powerful/intense color.

X-5 had a chance to cameo on MBC drama 'Miss Ripley'. In the cameo, they got a chance to act out a hug with T-Ara's Jiyeon.

"We were cast for 10 seconds. The members all hugged with Jiyeon senior once. It was an honor but we felt sorry. Because (she) hugged rotatingly between five men, though there is nothing wrong with that, we felt sorry. Haha." (Taefung, Zin)

- Any memories of any fans you remember?

"From our Indonesian fans, there was a fan who fainted when they saw us. We didn't even properly debut in Indonesia, but at that time we felt like Brad Pitt." (Ghun), "I even got slapped. It felt like I got hit with a fly swatter." (Taefung)

- What is your objective/goal as a singer?

When X-5 comes out, I wish they would know who are were as a group" (Ghun), "We want to have many hit songs." (Zin), "We want to surpass the last generation", "If we opened a concert we hope that lots of different people and lots of guys would come. (Haewon, Sulhu)"

- Is there anything you wanted to say in the Interview?

"I want to say sorry to Chaejin from the idol group, MYNAME. Chaejin-ie wrote my name on MYNAME album's 'Thanks to', but I wasn't able to. 'Chaejin-ah sorry'" (Sulhu)

In the end, X-5 left a message for fans, "Even though there was a gap between our promotions in Korea and our promotions overseas, thank you for waiting for us. We'll work hard for our future promotions so let's spend a joyful time together. Thank you. Please always stay by our side."

Source: DongA
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