[INFO] The Movie, "Aiore", that The BOSS Karam is starring in is done filming?

Not too long ago, the news about Karam starring in a movie spread like wildfire.
On January, 20, 2011, the official twitter of the movie "Aiore" has been updating us on what's happening on and off camera. However, they have revealed that they finished filming the movie since last year & that their schedule was from the cold morning until the pitch black evening. Everyone really worked hard to finish this movie especially The BOSS Karam. Karam has been promoting their love series singles while filming this movie.

Since the parts for this movie are complete, all they have to do is add the OST* in the movie by the help of the CG staffs*. The PD* said that it might take some time for them to finish editing. So they would hope for everyone to be patient and wait for the movie to be revealed in public.

OST = Original Sound Track
CG = Computer Graphics
PD = Production Director

Source: aiore_movie
Translated by: pn0920@AstroMAFIA.com
Article by: jean22s@AstroMAFIA.com