[DaumCafe] Donghyun thanks Bestfriends for cheering them!

On January 20th, Boyfriend's Donghyun posted a new message for their fans on Daum Cafe. 

Read his message below.

Boyfriend received the Newcomer Award at the Seoul Music Awards^^
Yesterday during the acceptance speech I was so nervous and couldn’t speak but Bestfriends, thank you so much.
I wasn’t feeling especially well yesterday but I was able to get stronger because of the cheers^^
Our Bestfriends are the best !! Boyfriend and Bestfriends have the world’s best relationship as singers and fans^^.
Holidays are coming soon so spend them well and stay healthy
Please watch the Golden Disk awards today too^^ See you later at the Music Bank recording babies*~~
trans by jaein @boyfriend-translations

source: boyfriend’s daum cafe
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