[DaumCafe] Donghyun: "It will be Dudong"!

Members of rookie group B1A4 are active on Daum Cafe. They post their messages for fans on the said site. This time, another message from Donghyun was posted. 

Read his message below.

[From. Donghyun♡] It will be Dudong!!!!!!!!!
It’s going to reach 20000 !!!

There’s only a little left.
I’m having my hair styled now, preparing to go to Inkigayo
There’s a fansigning event today.? Everyone, see you soon!! ㅋㅋ.
To the ones who weren’t chosen just now, it’s a pity, let’s meet another time ㅠㅠㅠㅠ.
Trans Korean-Chinese : MINi.
Trans Chinese-English : boyfriend-champion.
Source : Boyfriend’s Daum Cafe.
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