[CAFE] SBS Inkigayo @doublev89 @4m_hyunah

This is BEAST's fanclub administrator.
Finally, it has been broadcasted through to everyone.
Did everyone check out the cool performance shown by Trouble Maker's stage?

Now, as Trouble Maker's personal activities have just begun, B2UTY please do
us the favor of being diligent in monitoring and supporting Hyunseung so that Hyunseung can gain more strength to reward everyone with a cool performance.

In the future, Trouble Maker will continuously provide different performances so we ask you to please give lots of interest and anticipation, let's look briefly at Hyunseung's appearance from yesterday's Inkigayo that has been released to the public.^-^

Before getting on stage Hyunseung is putting on his makeup.

After they got off their pre-recorded stage, monitoring their performance in harmony: Trouble maker!

Cute posed-shot with the Pororo drinks, gifts sent by the fans.

Together with this adorable cake that was sent as support to celebrate the first broadcast!

Thank you.
CREDITS: http://cafe.daum.net/playb2st/HCuz/97 (SOURCE); doubleuu88@B2ST RISING (TRANS)