[BLOG] BEAST official light stick ver2.0 Making Story

BEAST's official cheering light stick ver2.0 making story

The making story of BEAST's official cheering light stick, b2uties, shall we go through the process one by one?!

Find the problems of the official cheering light stick ver1.0, aka Vaccine light stick!
The vaccine light stick has it's own special aura, however it's heavier and the brightness doesn't compare up to the weight of the stick.
So, there was the complaint about how no matter how hard the b2uties shook the light stick with their weak arms, the brightness of the light stick didn't compare up to the brightness of the light stick of other fantoms.
Also, it lacked the special identity of BEAST so if BEAST's logo was covered, the light stick's design made it hard to notice who the light stick belonged to.

First, find BEAST's personal identity!
We first looked for symbols that was associated with BEAST.
In general when we thought of BEAST, we were reminded of strength, power, axe, monsters, and etc.
However, the light stick was something you b2uties were to carry in your precious hands, therefore we started to think about how we can put together the BEAST and the B2UTIES in one symbol!

And that's how we stuck with the 'Beauty and the Beast" concept!!
BEAST who sing on stage are actual beasts, and the b2uties cheering in the crowd below them are actual beauties.
No matter how they look, or what situation they are in, B2UTIES are the ones who will understand the thoughts of BEAST and love them for who they are~!!
In the thoughts that we will return the favor to the b2uties by giving them a rose, we decided to go with the rose concept.

B2UTIES also agreed to the plan~
After searching through many online communities of what you b2uties wanted, there were some people who wanted the rose design!
Realizing this fact, we confirmed to carry out the rose design as the official light stick ver2.0 design.

The idea sketching process of anything and everything related to roses
The rose light stick design by CUBE has to fit the criteria that anyone who saw it could realize that it was a rose and that it needed to be a shape that can give off the most brightness.
So after sketches of so many ideas, BEAST's official light stick ver2.0 was born.

Endless testing of design, quality, and brightness
In order to create the best product, we tested the quality of materials, designs, and the lantern brightness that goes inside the stick so many times.
The above image was a cut from the process, so it's different from the final one.

And that is how BEAST's official light stick ver2,0 is born~
BEAST's official light stick ver2.0 born after so many tests!
We hope that you b2uties will give it a lot of love~ :)

BEAST holding on to the official Beast&Beauty rose light stick