[Video/Trans] Gist of Palm News Report on SM’s Obstruction of JYJ’s Activities!

1. Currently the FTC and SM are negotiating the amount of fine (around 100 million KRW).
2. The current FTC investigation finished internally, but must pass the review board to publish the report and go on public.
3. On March 15, 2011, the FTC raided SM’s Headquarter and collected the evidences, but the major press did not report it.
4. As concrete evidences, Palm TV showed KFPCAI and 연제협’s letters of interfering JYJ music distribution, a news to public.
5. Most of all, KFC already reached the conclusion that SM obstructed JYJ’s activities. Whether the investigation report goes public or not, it solely depends on political matter. So by airing this news., now the ball is on KFC court.
6. Most public did not know about SM’s dirty works while fans knew almost everything Palm TV aired tonight. I’m a very thankful that Palm TV provide a rare opportunity to tell the truth and fact abt SM and JYJ.
7. By the way, the reporter Lee Sangho invited LSM to the show to tell his side of the story:D He even called him Suman Hyung.
8. This is the first time we heard SM was considered to be fined by FTC in this investigation, meaning the last we heard SM was missing from the accusers.
(FYI) LSM filed to a civil lawsuit against journalist Lee Sangho and lost when MBC Investigative News Program 2580 covered SM slave contracts.
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