[Tutorial] Yoona: Volumized Bangs and Low Waves!

Want to mimic this look of Girls' Generation's Yoona? Check out the tutorial below!

You might need:
Sally #20 Rattail Comb Refill $0.29
It is constructed for superior strength and flexibility.
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Biotera Finishing Spritz $5.00
It has an instant control and firm holding power. Ideal for lifting, shaping and holding.
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Conair Infiniti Nano Tourmaline Ceramic 1-inch Curling Iron $21.99
It emits natural ions to help eliminate frizz and even heat with no damaging hot spots.
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1) Start off by combing or brushing your hair to remove all the tangles.
2) Using the Biotera Finishing Spritz, spray some onto your hair and your bangs. Then, using Sally #20 Rattail Comb Refill, comb your hair so that the spray will spread evenly to your hair.
3) Then, using the Sally #20 Rattail Comb Refill, comb your bangs and pull it back. Then, using two hairpins, pin your bangs on top of the middle section of your hair. Make sure to make a hump on your bangs.
4) After finishing off your bangs, using the Conair Infiniti Nano Tourmaline Ceramic 1-inch Curling Iron, curl the lower portion of your hair and make sure the measurement is approximately 2 inches.
5) Then, spray some Biotera Finishing Spritz onto the curled hair.
6) To make more curls, repeat steps 4 – 5.

Hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial and I suggest to try it at home!

Source: style.soshified.com