[Trans/Video] Christmas Message from JYJ!

Watch and read their Christmas Message below.

YC: One, two, three.
JYJ: Hello, we’re JYJ. Merry Christmas~
JS: and..
YC: and.. you were trying to say and a happy new year, right?
JS: and happy new year.
JJ: Why don’t we try again?
JYJ: Merry Christmas~
JS: and~ Happy new year~
JJ: It’s Christmas!
YC: Yeah.
JJ: It’s here again.
JS: Yes..uh, Christmas is here every year.
JJ: Right. What…do you want to do? At this Christmas.
JS: Everyone, a ‘must-do’ I recommend for Christmas.
YC: A ‘must-do’?
JS: Yeah, a ‘must-do.’ I want to water-ski at Han river.
JJ: At the frozen solid river?
YC: You have to give a demonstration first then.
JS: Uh.. at noon on the Christmas day..I’ll meet you at the Han river dock.
YC: Han river is really big, you know.
JS: What?
JJ: Exactly where..? give us the accurate address.
YC: Yeah, exactly where?
JS: I don’t want to say the precise location. (Yoochun laughing) Somewhere.
JJ: Somewhere~
JYJ: To someone~
YC: If something happens~ (It’s a song lyrics)
JJ: What will you be doing?
YC: Umm.. at the end of the year, usually there are a lot of drinking parties, and.. at the end of the year, a lot of relationships are made(Literal trans: relationships are spread during at the end of the year)
JJ: Right.
YC: When you go to drink parties you might feel sick, and there are a lot of people tired because of so much drinking. So, at least on the Christmas day, I hope you don’t drink..
(Junsu clapping)
JJ: ah..being with friends and families.
JS: Not drinking ‘because’ it’s a special day. Actually…
YC: Because there are a lot of other drinking parties..
JS: I heard actually bad things happen frequently at Christmas. A lot of fights.. something like that happens a lot.. so spending the day meaningfully instead of drinking. Oh, that was really good.
JJ: So is Yoochun-ssi going to drink or not?
YC: I’m drinking.
(All three lauging)
YC: Drinking is my joy..
JJ: By any chance, underage fans might…(be watching)
JS: Obviously.
YC: Underage fans shouldn’t drink. Underage fans shouldn’t drink and..
JS: You’re teasing them. I’m going to drink because I’m an adult, but you shouldn’t. Is it something like that?
YC: No, I wasn’t intending something like that. Underage fans..
JJ: Oh, they can recommend(not drinking) to their parents or family. That was your intention, right?
YC: Yeah, that’s right. Thanks. I won’t talk further.
JS: Yoochun is saying that underage fans..
YC: Wait, are there any underage fans among our fans? (JJ: Of course) Didn’t they get older and are almost all adults?
JS: They are almost all adults, right.
YC: There are some fans that aren’t adults but look like ones..
JJ, JS: Ah~
JJ: Don’t do that~
JS: Do you judge fans by appearance?
YC: No, matured, matured. I mean because JYJ has matured, even though they’re young, some JYJ fans also look mature..
JJ: Ah, so you can feel their loving hearts.. (JS: Ah~) Junsu-ssi..show us how much you love our fans.
JS: Uh, really.. my eyes are tearing up. (Yoochun laughing) Really. Hey, it sounds like I’m joking if you laugh like that. I’m sincere. I just concentrated on my emotions, and suddenly you..
YC: Ok, then we’ll react well this time. We’ll react seriously.
JS: Start it now please.
JJ: Since it’s Christmas, express your sincere love for our fans.
JS: Can I have a tissue please?
YC: Why, why..
JJ: Are you okay?
JS: Yes, I’m okay, ah..
YC: Don’t cry..
(Junsu laughs)
JJ: You laughed yourself. What’s the matter with you? (Yoochun: Use it in this situation. Are you sick? Don’t be~)
JS: It feels like a joke if I do it this way. Really, sincerely, I’m so thankful to them. Always.. fans’ hearts thinking of us night and day.. we can always feel it. Although we always say we should make good music and performances to repay, I think our effort is always not enough compared to fans’ love. So I think we should work harder next year, and.. let’s work hard.
(Yoochun, Jaejoong clapping)
JJ: Oh, I think you were very serious after a long time.
JS: I’m always serious.
JJ: ……really?
JS: Yes. I always..should be serious about fans.
JJ: Who do you love the most in the world?
(Yoochun laughing)
JS: What? Where did that question come from?
JJ: I just wanted to ask.
JS: Fans.
JJ: What about your parents?
JS: I love my parents of course.
JJ: Who do you love more between those two?
(Junsu thinking..three all laughing, Junsu jumping up)
JS: I’m not doing this!
YC: Okay, okay. That much..
JJ: You love them that much, you have to think about that question.
JS: Ugh..please.
YC: That’s an answer good enough already. (‘That’ means Junsu pausing to think whether he loves the fans or his parents more) Why is Jaejoongie-hyung is always asking? There are times you should answer.
JJ: That’s because you don’t ask me.
JS: Do you love fans more or your parents more?
JJ: Me? I..
JS: You have to choose. I already said both are precious to me. You have to choose only one.
JJ: I can’t choose because fans aren’t one person.
JS: I mean, say fans are counted as one, and..
JJ: Oh, you mean is it fans or parents?
JS: Yeah, that’s right. Fans or parents.
JJ: I love fans as much as my family. Because we’re all a family.
(Yoochun clapping)
JS: No, it’s not a time for clapping. I told you to choose. Who do you like better between those two, please choose.
JJ: I love my family.
JS: Why?
JJ: Huh? Because fans are my family too.
YC: Yah~~
JS: Okay, I’ll move on now. I’ll accept that as an answer.
(Jaejoong laughing)
YC: They’re almost the same class.
JJ: I can’t compare them. How can I do that.
YC: Then, don’t you have anything to recommend for the fans to do during Christmas, Jaejoongie-hyung?
JJ: Ah, during Christmas? I don’t know. First, I think I always had drinking parties at Christmas till now.
YC: When Christmas comes..
JJ: The weird thing is, among entertainers, for me three years in a row.. I had a drink party with our dancers, and Hyunjoong-ssi..for three years in a row.
YC: Oh that happened once. I don’t know if it’s ok to say something like this, but when I was drinking with Jaejoongie-hyung.. was it Christmas Eve?
JJ: It must have been.
YC: Was it Eve? We were drinking with men, and because there were only men the atmostphere was getting down, so we tried to call more people to have more fun. And we ended up with 15 men.
(All three laughing)
YC: I remember we had a drinking party with 15 men.
JS: This is so frustrating..
JJ: It is frustrating.. I hope fans keep warm. It’s good to be with your family, or if you have a lover, it’s good to spend time with your lover. Because it’s cold. We’re not sure what we’ll doing but I think we’ll be with members(each other) or with our friends, but don’t spend a special day, outside, waiting for us.
YC: I have a runny nose.
JJ: I’m saying this cuz I’ve seen it before.
YC: There are some fans doing that. There are some fans wasting their special day meaninglessly..
JS: This is not for us, but for them. Wouldn’t their parents be happy if they spend at least that one day with their parents? (YC: That’s what I mean)
YC: And they really should do that. Don’t think it weirdly cuz that’s the right thing to do..what am I saying? Oh, a phone call.
JJ: I’ll answer the phone call later. Everyone, have a warm, happy Chirstmas with the same mind as JYJ. Ah! and the mango tree we talked about a while ago. It’s used for good things, so think about it, and..
YC: Ah, so it’s ok just to think about the mango trees?
JJ: Oh, just thinking about it will be a bit..well..and I think it would be better if you put it into action and spend Christmas, being considerate of others. Everyone, have a nice Christmas.
JYJ: Merry Christmas~

Translated by: With Junsu
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