[Trans/Info] ZAK Corporation Mail: About TicketOne Premium Members And Enquiries About JYJ

(Translator’s Note: As this was sent via e-mail, there is no link that we can provide, only a screencap. Thank you for your understanding!)

(All irrelevant parts omitted)

Previously, we held the JYJ Concerts at Kokugikan (June 2011) and the Kokuei Hitachi Kaihin Koen (October 2011), and faced a large number of pressures in securing venues and managed to persist with much difficulty.
We are thankful to all JYJ fans, and overcame numerous problems to hold these concerts.
We take this opportunity to thank you again.

Our company has received a lot of questions about future JYJ concerts, and our staff are excited about this as well.
In response to everyone, we are doing everything we can to hold more activities.
Currently, we are talking to two shortlisted locations within the country about organizing something. If we need to contact the ticketone members, we will do so via email.
We appreciate your patience in waiting.

A majority of our customers have purchased the 【Come on over, JYJ private DVD】, and we would like to report that will be able to deliver the item around Christmas on 25 December.
For those who require further details, or want to do a new purchase, please access the following URL.
JYJ 3hree Voices shop
Source : [Zak Corporation]
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