[Trans] Youngmin Greets you a Merry Christmas!

Read Boyfriend's Youngmin's Christmas greetings below.


[From. Youngmin♡] Hello~~This is Youngmin
It feels like a long time since I’ve last posted…..
Now it’s almost Christmas~~~
Does everyone have plans for Christmas???
How was the year 2011??
Like me, all of us have had from the beginning happy and good days,
many regretful days, and tiring days as well.
But even so, actually, these are the best memories of my life and ones I never want to forget.
Bestfriends, please leave a comment on how your year has been too~~
2012 is coming quickly…It feels so strange
Everyone, I hope you will be happy and have fun-filled days in 2012.

Ugh I wrote like this again…..ㅠㅠ
I look at what I write and it seems so stiff….

Oh well, Everyone

Merry Christmas

source: Daum Cafe

translations by: jaein @boyfriend-translations