[Trans] Sandeul on Sukira!

B1A4's vocalist Sandeul was on Sukira on the 29th of November.

Sandeul talked about his height, what he does on the internet and also about being friends with Ryeowook.

Read the translations below.

How tall is Sandeul?

NOTE: They were reading a request from a girl in middle school who gets teased by her tall brother for being very short.

RW: Sandeul, how tall are you?

SD: I'm 178 cm. (About 5'10")


SD: But when I'm standing with the members I look the shortest..

SM: You're the shortest?

SD: Among them I look short.

YH: Uh oh, is this Sandeul's self-destroying statement?

RW: But in Super Junior, you'd be one of the tallest..

 What does Sandeul do on the internet?

RW: What do you do on the computer? Sandeul?

SD: I don't do much. I'll look up my name and B1A4 on search engines, go on fan cafes..

RW: Go on people's blogs.

SD: Hahaha yeah that too! I really don't use it much, but when I have the time I use it little by little. It's still a bit fascinating to see people take pictures and upload pictures of me.

RW: It's kind of exhilarating.

SD: It is.

RW: It's good to monitor yourself, but personally, instead of looking at the good comments and such, I purposely look for the hateful comments. Because it makes me think and helps me fix what needs to be fixed.

SD: My mother purposely looks up hateful comments about me and would e-mail me saying "Why did you do this?" and such.

RW: Your mother is a very good person.

SD: She really cares a lot.

Ryeowook wants to be friend with Sandeul~

NOTE: They're wrapping up Sandeul and Younghee's corner

RW: Sandeul, how did you feel hosting the show with us today?

SD: Despite you guys being the new DJs you're all still my seniors so I'm kind of nervous.

RW: Let's be friendly with each other~

SD: I would love that! Thank you! I would really like to be close with you!

RW: You're very handsome.. I kind of want to look like you.

SM: Ryeowook likes handsome people.

YH: Uh.. this is getting kind of weird... is the appropriate for broadcast?

Trans cred: mr. jiyoung @ AVIATEB1A4