[Trans] Sandeul at Sukira (12/13/11)

B1A4's Sandeul was on Sukira and talked about flowers and glasses.

Read the translations below.

Sandeul's glasses...

RW: This is from Miss. Ryu Daehae. "Sandeul oppa used to wear glasses too right? Can you tell us a fun story about that?" You wear glasses?

SD: I actually had them on before we went on air.

RW: You have contacts on right now?

SD: I do. You see, in my case, I looked completely different from when I had my glasses on and when I took them off. It's pretty bad.

RW: Because your eyes aren't very good.

SD: Yeah. This one time, a friend of mine said he wanted to get his fortune read and told me to come along so I did, with my glasses on. As soon as we got there, the fortune teller looked at me and said "Wow, you're smart. If you keep going in the direction you're moving in then your future is going to be unbelievably great! You're going to make your parents very proud!" Of course, I was very happy to hear that because right around then was when I started to focus on singing more than school. A week later, I went again with another friend, but this time I had my contacts on.

RW: A different place right?

SD: No, the same place. Because I thought he'd remember me and everything was going to be good. So we went in and I greeted him "Hello~ I'm back!" only to suddenly hear him yell "YOU NEED TO STUDY!!" at me!

SM: The same person?

SD: THE SAME PERSON! The only difference was I had my contacts on instead! He said that I needed to study and need to stop playing around!

RW: His perception of you changed.

SD: Completely different.

YH: Well, glasses give you the "smart" look.

SM: Shim Yejin (listener) wrote "Sandeul oppa, you become a completely different person when you have glasses on..."

RW: At least your fans know.

SM: It seems your fans know very well.

Flower gift

RW: Have you ever received flowers as a present?

SD: I've never received any.

SM: Then how about this. You don't have to say their names, but have you ever gave someone flowers as gift?

SD: I did, on my sister's birthday. I was going to surprise her by getting her flowers and just leave them on her bed. At that time I had manwon (approx. $10) with me so I thought I could get 10 flowers and make a bouquet. But it turns out I didn't have enough.. so I ended up just buying one and gave that to her.. Flowers are so expensive!

RW: I know where they sell cheap flowers! I'll let you know after broadcast!

Trans cred: mr. Jiyoung @ AVIATEB1A4