[Trans] ORICON Special Interview with U-KISS!

The other members reveal ___’s surprising true self!?
I’d like to ask you about your personal details first. Could you all introduce yourselves, please?

AJ: The leader is U-KISS’ power vocal, SOOHYUN. He’s the oldest and he’s very dependable, always looking after his “little brothers”.
ELI: AJ is in charge of rap and he’s very serious. He’s a perfectionist who will try his hardest and really concentrate on something if he’s into it.
Kevin: Eli’s looks and his personality are very manly and frank . He’s in charge of rap.
Dongho: As you can tell by looking, (Kevin) he’s very pretty, but one stage he’s very cool. He has two different sides. He’s a vocalist so he’s a great singer, and as far as his personality goes, I think he’s the purest one in the group.
KISEOP: Dongho is a rapper, and he is like a puppy, maybe because he’s the youngest. (laughter) He’s cute and he’s got a cheerful personality.
HOON: Kiseop is a vocalist and his face and body are perfect! His heart is also warm, and he talks to his mother and father every single day.
SOOHYUN: Hoon is cool, and on top of that he’s nicer than anyone else, and really pure. He’s a vocalist.
What part of the other members would you change?
ELI: When we’re eating, AJ eats my last piece of meat.
AJ: I only did that once, but you bring it up every time!
SOOHYUN: Hey, but you also ate my egg.
AJ: I don’t really remember doing that. (laugh)
HOON: I wish Soohyun and Dongho and Eli would wake up earlier. No matter how hard we try to wake them up they always sleep until the very last minute and we have to wait for them. And they go to work without showering. (laughter)


SOOHYUN: Really (laughter) Even if they wake me up, I fall back asleep, so I don’t really remember it.
ELI: Me too. When I wake up the members are always mad at me.
DONGHO: Same with me. I’m actually still sleepy right now. (laughter)

The type of girl each member likes...
Please wake up. (laughter) Next, what kind of girl do you like?
SOOHYUN: Someone who respects their parents and their superiors. Looks wise, I like a girl who has pretty eyes and who has dimples when she smiles.
HOON: I like girls who are cute, short and good listeners.
KISEOP: I’m like Hoon, I like girls who are so delicate that I can wrap my arms around them.
ELI: I like tall girls. I’d also like a girl with a sweet personality, who works hard.
AJ: I like girls who are intelligent. I don’t care what anyone says about her looks as long as I like her. Even if I’m the only one who thinks she’s pretty.
KEVIN: I also think that personality is most important. I want a girl who is cheerful and laughs a lot and understands me.
DONGHO: I’m kind of particular; I’d say that looks are a 6 and personality is a 4. My ideal is a girl who’s 168 cm (5’5”) and 45 kg. (99 lbs) Also she needs to have beautiful hands.

You have high standards! (laughter) Is there anything that’s popular with you all recently?
HOON: This isn’t really recent, we’ve been always been this way, but we all like exercise, so we always go to the gym. We go almost every day in Korea.
KEVIN: Because you can tone, and you can also relieve stress.

Who’s the worst loser, and who’s the most unique?
What would you say you are the most of in the group?
AJ: I’m the most finicky and the most tenacious in the group.
KEVIN: I’m the thinnest in the group.
HOON: I’m the strongest. No one can beat me at arm wrestling.
KISEOP: I’m the most fashionable.
DONGHO: I’m best at video games. I’m the biggest gamer in the group: I play playstation, computer games and cell phone games.
SOOHYUN: I think I have the most leadership.
ELI: I guess I’m the funniest. I especially good at imitating animals. (he suddenly imitates a bird call.)
ALL: Oooh!

That sounds so much like a bird! Now, out of the group who is: “The sorest loser” “marches to the beat of his own drum” “sentimental” “manly”.
SOOHYUN: Hoon, Eli and Kiseop all hate to lose, but I think Kiseop is the worst. When we were on a variety program in Korea, we had to play games against other idol groups, and Kiseop fought with such a serious expression. (laughter)
KISEOP: Even if something just for fun, I end up getting really into it. I don’t want to lose.
HOON: I’d say Kevin marches to the beat of his own drum, right?
KEVIN: That’s true. Even if we’re busy I always eat dinner slowly. Even if people try to hurry me and say “Hurry up and eat, we don’t have any time!”, I don’t speed up my pace.
SOOHYUN: And Hoon is most sentimental.
HOON: I always cry at sad dramas. (laughter)

So who’s the most manly?
KEVIN: Eli, of course.
ELI: You better believe it!

All of U-KISS’ charms are packed into their addictive new song.
Thank you so much. Next, I’d like to ask you about your new song. Both the song and performance for Tick Tack are so cool. It has such a strong impact that you get sucked in the moment you hear it.
ALL: Thank you!

What was your impression the first time you heard the song?
SOOHYUN: I thought it was a very addictive song. So I remembered it as soon as I heard it and I could imagine the concept of our performance. It has elements of both K-POP and J-POP, and it’s really new, and I think it’s packed with all of U-KISS’ charm.

What do you think of lyrics, with their theme of ‘men’s lies’?
DONGHO: Oh no, it’s bad to lie.
SOOHYUN: I know, but aren’t good lies necessary sometimes?
KEVIN: I think that it’s alright to lie if it’s out of consideration for that person.
HOON: Especially in the song, the narrator is telling a lie for the sake of a woman, so it couldn’t be helped. He doesn’t want to break up with her, he loves her, but he tells a kind lie with her happiness in mind. I could understand it in a situation like that.

The performance seems to express a man’s battle with his heart, but what is a point to look for?
AJ: There are a lot, but the chorus where we’re all singing together is really important. Also, I think that the dance at the beginning of the song has a lot of impact, and I’d like people to pay attention to the dance at the dance break at the end too. We’re not all dancing the same synchronized steps, we all have different steps. So I think it will be fun to watch.

Your sharp, perfectly coordinated moves left a big impression, how do the seven of you stay in synch?
AJ: Our leader SOOHYUN takes the lead and thoroughly matches each part. Then, once we’ve got one part down, we cut it into parts and practice them separately. We dance until we get it perfect, even if we have to go all night.
SOOHYUN: But no matter how much we practice, it’s not perfect. So we always practiced until we’re satisfied. When it comes to performances, we’re all perfectionists. Even thought we’re not perfect when it comes to waking up in the morning. (laughing)

(laughs) What’s U-KISS’ charm?
SOOHYUN: There’s no wall between us and our fans. Usually fans don’t know about an artist’s normal life, and artists don’t understand about their fans, but we have a lot of chances to meet our everyone, so I think we know each other really well. I think that we’re maybe the only ones who treat our fans like friends.

So there’s a sense of familiarity. And you plan to keep that stance after your [Japanese] debut?
SOOHYUN: Of course! We’re going to do a high five meeting [meet & greet] and all sorts of things at each event, and we’ve got a lot of plans for things we can enjoy with our fans!

Credits: Source + Aurore @ ROCKETBOXX.NET (Translations)