[Trans] Naver Music: 2AM Year-End Concert: 4 Men Let You Hear Christmas Harmony

Special | The Christmases of the 2AM members, and talk of the concert

2AM, who has received lots of love for 'Even if I Die Can't Let You Go', 'You Who Wouldn't Pick Up the Phone', etc, has been concentrating on their solo activities, and thus left the fans feel a little wistful [of them being together]. However, be prepared for a meaningful night for the first time in a long time with the fans for this year-end's Christmas concert.

Since 2AM debuted with their 1st album in 2008, they have participated in 13 albums, releasing excellent music. Out of all the idols, other than their exceptional title songs, they have also received lots of love for their famous songs that usually possess each member's strong points and personality. Thus this concert boasts performances of ballads, medleys, dance, rock, etc. in their repertoire.

And for the past year, rather than team activities, they have been focusing on solo activities, so through this Christmas concert, they will be able to solve this [lack of team activities] and continue to make the fans' hearts flutter. Furthermore, Changmin who did activities as an unit [as Homme], Jo Kwon and Seulong who transformed into MCs and actors, Jinwoon who showed us another type of music color by forming a rock band, etc, the members who have had plentiful activities will expect to show even more varied performances.

2AM, who have been busy recently with overseas activities and practice for the Christmas concert, will tell you a little bit of their Christmas story through this interview.

Story.1 | To 2AM, Christmas is?

Q. How have you passed every Christmas since you debuted in 2008?
A. 2AM: After debuting, Christmas has always been spent with the fans either at a scheduled event or concert. And last year, we had a really happy time spending Christmas day doing the concert.

Q. The most memorable Christmas 2AM has had?
A. 2AM: Last year's Christmas was the most memorable. Being able to spend it with so many people at 2AM's first solo concert made us very happy. So this year we are also predicting we will spend time at this Christmas concert happily as well.

2AM said about their passion for the concert: "To show you even cooler performances than last concert, we've worked really! hard to prepare for it, please look forward to a lot, and do it together~"

Story.2 | Christmas gift that you: want to receive, want to give, and remember well?

Q. If Santa Claus were to give 2AM a Christmas present, what would you like to receive?
A. Kwon: Although the concert should come first, if we're not doing the concert I would love to go on vacation ^^
Changmin: A ticket (or coupon) that makes our album next year become a big hit!
Jinwoon: A really nice guitar!
Seulong: The weather is cold... Clothing that makes winter warm?

Q. If you had a girlfriend right now, what kind of special event and gift would you give?
A. Kwon: Play from morning until dawn. Have fun playing in a place like Myungdong with a lot of people, then pass time with just the two of us at a nice cafe at night.
Changmin: I'll give a ticket to 2AM's concert. Haha. If I have a girlfriend wouldn't she spend Christmas with me? Even if it's inexpensive, I will think of a perfect event. ^^
Jinwoon: I want to go on a simple date. Eat at a place with a nice mood. I just want to do what other people would do.
Seulong: I want to buy couple rings. I haven't done that ever before.

Q. The most memorable gift given by a fan?
A. Kwon: The shouts by the fans during last year's Christmas. "The shouts of fans are always good to hear~"
Changmin: I can't pick one. The gifts given by the fans are all precious.
Jinwoon: Isn't it the biggest present to be gathered together on Christmas for the concert?
Seulong: Too many.. Out of those, the most recent gift that pops up is the zebra patterned blanket.

Q. If you had to give a Christmas gift to the fans, what would you want to give?
A. 2AM: Thinking about the fans that have given such support and love to 2AM up until now, we don't want to just give anything. We want to give everything. No matter what, we think the best gift to give the fans is the side of 2AM that sings ballads soulfully, and gives varied and handsome performances.

Story.3 | A short QnA about the concert

Q. You've caught a broadcast show and a concert at the same time and day. If this was the case, which would 2AM pick?
A. 2AM: We would pick the concert. Being able to be with the thousands of fans that give 2Am support and perform for them is a very charming story.

Q. Performing on Christmas day is quite charming. What do you think is the most charming about it?
A. 2AM: First the mood is really great. Doesn't Christmas make everything romantic? The romantic aura of thousands of people makes one happy.

Q. A guest you would call for this concert 'I'll Leave Christmas Up To You'? Any guests you would like to invite?
A. Kwon: Wonder Girls. We're happy that they've come back to Korea to do activities for the first time in a long time, so if they have time it would be great if they could come to our concert.
Changmin: Of course Wonder Girls! Their songs are so great this time, I've become even more of a fan.
Jinwoon: There isn't a group that pops up to me. Someone that 2AM is close with and matches well would be great.
Seulong: Of course our forever family, Wonder Girls!

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