[TRANS] Mika's Message

It's been waaaaaay too long, hasn't it?!

I missed you guys^^

Christmas has come again in 2011!!

I'm spending my Christmas like this early this morning keke
**제가 무슨 감수성이고 뭐고 그런게 풍부해서만이 아닌....
I though there'd be others that can't fall asleep besides me^^
**.....Lonesome everyone^^

But I'm not alone keke
The other lovely 4 members and I
are far away, but you guys are always in our hearts so
it's not a lonely Christmas^^....

I know you guys are sad but....
Even though you guys are even a tiny bit sad....I say this so you guys can have a warm Christmas keke

It's our 2nd Christmas in Japan^^
it'd be nice to spend it Christmas with you guys but
to ensure a bigger!! And more meaningful!! Christmas with everyone!!
I will wait a little longer^^

You know that I always miss you, right??
In cold weather!!
While listening to Lady!!
Stay warm!!
Your health is always first!!

This year was filled with great events. There were a lot that happened,
and we even held our Open World Concert which was like a dream!!
Although we held it in Japan, we'll make sure next time will be in Korea!!
Even though there were lots of things that happened^^
We'll become a The BOSS that'll continue to make
their way to the top next year also!!

To everyone who hasn't forgotten us, even though we're far away, thank you!!

I love you everyone^^
Have a warm Christmas!!

Merrychrtismas and Happy new year!!

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