[Trans] KARA in Popteen Magazine Jan 2012

Christmas Episodes & Character Q&A

Christmas Episodes

Gyuri – I once wrote a letter to Santa Claus. I also have memories of eating delicious Christmas cake!

Hara – When you think of Christmas, stockings spring to mind! Hanging by the bedside with presents in them…I’m the sort of person who’ll make my requests (for presents) clear!

Seung Yeon – I’ve actually moved house on Christmas Day before and even though everyone in the family was extremely busy, we managed to celebrate by having some chocolate pie.

Nicole – I have this memory of myself making up stories and drawing pictures based on Rudolph (the reindeer) when I was in school! Lala~la~lala~lala~♪[hums to the tune of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer]

Ji Young – I have this impression (of Christmas) being all about Christmas cake and the chance to eat lots of food, so I look forward to it every year!

Character Q&A

Q:Who has the highest ‘sense of beauty’?
A:Gyuri. If you’re talking about beauty, then it’s got to be Gyuri! (Nicole) She always does cleansing and is very thorough with her skin care (Hara)

Q:Whose dancing is the best?
A:Nicole. The way she dances just has a different feeling to it (Hara)

Q:Who’s the crybaby?
A:Seung Yeon. Cos she’s emotional & easily sympathetic (Ji Young)

Q:Who’s the fashion queen?
A:Hara. She’s the one who has the biggest interest in fashion (Ji Young)

Q:Who tries the hardest?
A:Nicole. She always gives her best be it for dance lessons or rehearsals (Gyuri)

Q:Who’s the most skilful (with their hands)?
A:Gyuri. She’s really good at things like drawing – with the snap of a finger she’ll have whipped up an awesome illustration (Nicole)

Q:Who’s the most reliable?
A:Gyuri. She plays her role of leader well and always dishes out advice (Nicole)

Q:Who’s the smartest?
A:Seung Yeon. Her memory’s great plus she does a lot of studying. And she’s good at singing! (Nicole) She’s pretty explosive! (Hara)

Q:Who’s the clown?
A:Hara. Be it her words or her actions, she never fails to be interesting and always entertains! (Nicole)

Q:Who’s the glutton?
A:Nicole. Yeap, it’s me (Nicole). Though, we all eat a lot! Lol (Ji Young) Well, I am the one with the biggest interest in food after all (Nicole)

Q:Who’s the most popular?
A:Ji Young. She’s been getting a lot more mature lately – up until now she was cute but now she’s turning into a lady and naturally, she’s a hit with the guys! (Nicole)

Q:Who’s most like a child?
A:Seung Yeon. Maybe cos she has a babyface (Gyuri) As for the one who acts most childishly, it’s got to be our maknae Ji Young lol (Nicole)

Q:Who’s forever lonely?
A:Everyone! But we’ve got each other so we never feel lonely! (Gyuri)

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