[Trans] Girls' Generations' Holiday Photobook Interview!

Check out the translation of Girls' Generations' 1st Japan Official Photobook - Holiday Interview!

1. What is your first memory that you can remember?
2. Your personality in one word?
3. What is your charm point?
4. What are 3 items you must have in your bag when you go out?
5. What’s the first thing you do in the morning? 
6. What things do you usually do right before going to bed? 
7.What is a daily beauty routine that you never break? Or something that you’re careful of?
8. What is a fashion point that you are careful about?
9. What was a lasting impression from the “Holiday” photoshoot?
10. Your most ideal way to spend a day off?
11. Up until now what is the most difficult hardship you’ve experienced?
12. What is your favourite “life motto” or “proverb” that you like? 
13. Where do you think you will be 10 years from now?

1. When I was allowed by my dad to ride a bike, the tip of my toe got caught in the bike and I hurt my leg. 
2. Prism (laughs).
3. Skin?
4. Earphones, perfume, and lip cream.
5. Open the blinds.
6. Put on music and then sleep.
7. Using a moisturizing pack
8. In my case, I really like a very natural style for now!
9. Having fun and playing with the members by the sea.
10. Talking to people I get along with (laughs)
11. Shooting music videos T.T
12. Life motto: Try not to do anything you might regret!
Favorite proverb: Right now it’s Girls’ Generation!
13. Impossible to predict!

1. When mom, dad and I commuted to church.
2. Candid
3. My height? (laughs) Because all the other members are so cute, I don’t have a charm point....T . T
4. Purse, lip stick, and cellphone.
5. Wash my face.
6. Pray.
7. Be thorough with my cleansing. And then to apply facial lotion from top to bottom.
8. I think an important point is that the style looks good on me, and also fits with the seasons.
9. Getting to play with the inner tube on a private beach.
10. To do what I want to do at home.
11. During the filming of BAD GIRL, it was really HOT......T . T
12. What would Jesus do?
13. I think I’ll get married and do what I like to do. I also think it’ll be nice if I can live without regretting the decisions I make, and to live happily with those that I love deeply (members, family, husband).

1. My memory of running around and playing on the beach in front of our house.
2. Cool ^^
3. Eyes
4. Lip cream, cell phone, and purse
5. Brush my teeth
6. Play with my cell phone
7. In order not to have my skin dry out, I use a moisturizer pack and mist.
8. I try to wear all kinds of styles instead of just one style.
9. While the car was moving, the driver would sing and dance.
10. Spending a good time with people I love! Like shopping, eating meals, etc.
11. All of the music video shoots. Filming is really scary.
12. follow my heart
13. Let’s see... I can’t imagine it. I live life to the fullest right now!

1. I remember watching “The Little Mermaid” all day and singing along to the songs in the movie. (laughs) ^^
2. WILD!
3. My cool eyebrows! (laughs)
4. Cell phone, MP3 player, and perfume
5. Pray
6. Set up tomorrow’s schedule and pray
7. Nothing in particular
8. Depends on how I feel that day, Attitude!
9. Playing with the other members on the private beach.
10. Making memories with the people I love.
11. MUSIC VIDEO filming!
12. Today is “My” day! Today is My day!
13. Doing the things I love next to the person I love? (laughs)

1. When I was around five to six years old, my family would definitely go visit this nearby park 2-3 times a week., but if we had a little more time, we would even go to a place further away and my family had a lot of fun making good food to eat and playing around. Anyways, there a lot of pictures taken from back then, so any time I look at the pictures, I’ll remember those memories.
2. Ummm, this is the most difficult question, it might seem cool, but maybe it’s really more of a subtle personality? (laughs)
3. My smile ^^, eyes? Or my mouth when I laugh (laughs)
4. Toothbrush set, iPad, hand cream
5. Put food in my mouth (laughs)
6. Set up my alarm or do sit ups
7. Washing my face and cleanse it carefully. Sleeping pack!! 
8. Any kind of clothing is fine! But, whether there is a feeling that only I can give off when worn? I pursue my own coolness! (laughs)
9. The sea! Our own private beach, and the scenery and sea were very pretty.
10. Eat the food I want (my mother’s home cooking), watch TV, play games, lazing around at home for the whole day is the best!!
11. For the 7 years before debuting, I commuted everyday to the agency that was 2 hours away from my home (round trip 4 hours!!)
12. Recently this is something that I will always tell myself --> have fun!! I feel like if you have fun with anything, the enjoyment multiplies and the hardships are cut in half.
13. I’ll be a fashion designer in the apparel business (laughs) 

1. A memory of when I ate ice cream and my baby tooth fell out.
2. Hmm...I have many faces (laughs). I can’t say for myself... What kind of personality do you think I have? ^^
3. Eyes! (laughs)
4. Cell phone charger, iPad, purse
5. Check my phone’s messages
6. Listen to music or surf the internet
7. Cleansing and putting on moisturizer. Recently I’ve been using eye cream often.
8. Instead of fussing over one item I pay attention to the overall balance.
9. When we played on the private beach
10. I relax, take it easy and do the things I couldn’t do until then
11. When I filmed a Korean commercial and it was very hard and so cold.
12. Live with no regrets
13. I wonder about that too!! Since I’ll be 32 years old... I think I’ll be married. I hope I’ll have a happy family. <3 And also that my job is fulfilling!

1. A memory of when I was three years old, because I was shorter than the dresser and I was curious what was on top of it, so I tiptoed to see above it.
2. Honest and positive
3. Eyes
4. MP3 player, a book, electronic dictionary
5. First I smile and start the day while thinking good thoughts.
6. Set up tomorrow’s plans and pray
7. When I sleep, in order to supply moisture I sleep with a damp towel on my head.
8. Instead of following what’s in, wear clothes that suit yourself and your personality. For me, I often go with a natural feel and mainly wear jeans and low heeled shoes
9. At the pool where I played with my unnies and had a fun photo shoot
10. I feel that if I also set out a plan for my days off, I can more effectively enjoy the time off. 
11. The memory of a photo shoot taking all night in the cold winter amidst the snow
12. The one who wins at the end is a person who is good-hearted 
13. I think from now many of my dreams will come true, and I’ll try hard so that even bigger dreams come true. I think I'll be living happily? ^^

1. When I went to kindergarten, my mom tied my hair in two pigtails, but (one time) the pigtails were uneven, so I didn’t go to school and I cried all day long.
2. Completely honest (laughs) 
3. My hair
4. Diary, perfume, book
5. Smile and stretching
6. I read a book and sleep♪ 
7. Drinking a lot of water
8. I choose things that matches me well.
9. Playing in the sea with the members. Finding cereal, snacks, jelly and candy in cute, colorful bags in a large supermarket
10. Forget everything in any way and do the things I want to do!
11. Day after day I have hardships. However, I think they are not hardships, but something I have to endure in order to fulfill my dream some day. (laughs)
12. Life is not something you endure, but something you enjoy. 
13. Just like right now, I will be singing, dancing and acting, and if possible I want to go backpacking around the world. 

1. As a kid I was too quiet at home, so I remember that when my parents found me, I said ‘drink lots’, while putting water in the telephone receiver with a spoon. It was fun watching the red telephone gulping down water. (laughs) 
2. Positive & bright
3. Lips.I’ve been told that my lips are nice because it gives off an impression that I’m smiling. (laughs)
4. MP3 player, cellphone, iPad
5. Wash my face, take a shower and eat.
6. Spraying aroma mist on my bed and pillow.
7. Applying eye cream
8. Something that is easy to wear. I wear clothes that fit me well.
9. The floral patterned bed in the hotel room (because whenever we had time off I was always sleeping on it) 
10. Going to a southern island, swim to my heart’s content, eat delicious food and spend a lovely time with my family. I want to go to bed early, and sleep till noon on the next day!
11. Shooting music videos...It’s really hard to dance in high heels! But when I see the final result, I forget all the hardships. 
12. Live as if today is my last day!
13. I think it would be good if I could spend that time enjoying it happily with the people I like, and to do the things that I want to do.

Source: Holiday Photobook
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