[Trans] Girl’s Day Japanese Interview with CDJourna!

Q. Please introduce yourself!
Jihae: 「I’m the shining S-line,  Jihae」 *Minah laughs*
Minah :「I’m Minah. The more you look, the more charming I look」
Yura :「I’m the bright, innocent Yura! *laughs* Sorry」
Hyeri: 「I’m the youngest cute Hyeri」
Sojin: 「I’m the warm-hearted Sojin」

Q. Now we know your individual appeal, but what’s the charm point of Girls Day as a group?
Minah: 「I think the best charm point is the cuteness, but the 2nd best is affinity. we’re close to our fans.」
Sojin: 「Although we’re a girls group, we have energy and power!」
Hyeri: 「Energy! Haaa! *Kamehameha pose*」
Sojin: 「Haa!! *same pose*」

Q. That’s Dragon Ball?! cool!
Hyeri 「Yes, cool! *laughs*」
Minah 「V! *peace sign*」

Q. There are lots of idols in Japan, are there any you’re interested in?
Minah: 「Minah got to know Japanese culture from Arashi’s MatsuJun. He’s really cool! Handsome!」
Hyeri: 「Momusu. AKB48!」
Sojin: 「And..♪ “Chocolate, Disco!” *starts dancing like Perfume*」

Q. Ah! Perfume!
Sojin: 「Perfume, jinja kawaii!」

Q. Girls day’s popularity is rising amongst Japanese K-pop fans. many fans did a dance cover of Twinkle2. what’s the charm point of Girls day’s dance?
Jihae: 「Hmm, Twinkle’s dance point is facial expression. The smile that melts whoever watch it is important! Bewitching smile is the point!」

Q. I see! It’s much better than doing it with serious face, right?
Hyeri: 「Serious? Pi—n! *crosses hands making X sign*」
All: 「Pi–n! Pi–n! *everyone crosses hands*」

Q. You just had name-card-handing event just now. Whats your impression?
Yura: ah! were you there?

Q. Sorry, I couldn’t make it…
Yura: 「I felt like we’ve met before..」
Hyeri: 「It’s the first time we did such event. I’m happy we could meet each fan one by one. Someone even cried… I tried my best holding my tears and hand the name card.」
Minah: 「Japanese fans reactions were great! I want to learn from them」

Q. Ooooh!!! Is that so?!
Sojin: 「That! That! That reaction!」
Yura: 「*suddenly points to interviewer* I know! Looks like a long-relative uncle!」

Q. Really? Ah, long time no see.
Yura 「Long time no see! *waves hands*」

*everyone laughs*

Q. GD tried lots of styles before having the current cute pop style. how will GD become next?
Jihae: Sexy!
Minah: I want to do disco, powerful, even electropop!

Q. You want to do so many things! Greedy lol
Sojin: I think its important to be greedy lol

Q. What do you want to achieve in Japan?
Minah: 「Appears in all TV channel! Change this channel, Girls day! Change that channel, Girls day! *laughs*」
Sojin: 「Full blown TV debut, and appears in Kohaku」
Minah: 「Surprise live on the street! Girls day is greedy lol」

Q. message to Japanese fans?
Jihae: 「Sorry to kept you waiting. I’m really happy we finally have a solo concert in Japan. Also happy meeting you. Because of your support, We will work hard!」 *Other members were like “so long!”*
Minah: 「everyone, merry christmas ♪」

*everyone laughs*
All  「Happy New Year!」

Translated by: Daniela@girlsdaydaily