[Trans] B1A4's Hottracks Interview, 'it B1A4'!

Read the translation of the interview of B1A4 with Hottracks below.

Rookie group B1A4 who debuted in April with their first EP "Let's Fly" is now back with their second EP. Maybe it is because the members participated in the composition of the songs, they are really fast. Jinyoung says that "other than when we have schedules, the members talk a lot about music, and whenever we have time, we will record for each other". He means to say that rather than being fast, it is because they are spending their days thinking of music. Here is an interview with B1A4 on the occasion of the release of their new EP.

Q. The group was named based on the members' blood types. Everyone knows which member is of blood type B right? But in case there are people who do not know, please tell us. And who was the person who first came up with the idea of such a group name? How would it have become if all of you were of blood type A?
CNU: Our group name is formed from the blood types of the members! BARO is of blood type B, the rest are of blood type A. Many people found our group name novel and interesting after finding out the meaning behind it. Occasionally there are people who say that our names are difficult (to remember), but it was easy to remember that there are 4 members with blood type A and 1 member with blood type B. Please remember it~^^
Baro: The company told us to think about our group name before debut, and after discussion the members thought that creating a name from our blood types would be amusing and interesting. The company thought that it was unique and they liked it (laugh).
Sandeul: Initially it was A4B1, but to pronounce B1A4 was easier. It was more interesting to have the alphabet B in front, hence it is B1A4. But someone asked whether our group name was too easily established (alguh).
Gongchan: Um... If we were all of blood type A, wouldn't we become A5? (laugh)

Q: When considering the title of your new EP "it B1A4", what did you want the "it" to represent?
CNU: Recently, there are terms like "it bag". To become the centre of attention, and to become the best - the album name "it B1A4" was hence created, to receive love from many people with our own charms and spread our music far and wide. Also, it stands for "It's the B1A4"; if it's not B1A4, it's not possible, it must be done by B1A4. B1A4, as a whole, will work hard to become the "it".

Q. In this album, Jinyoung's self-composed, written and edited song has been included. Other agencies nowadays are mostly hiring an in-house composer or receiving songs from a popular composer, it is unusual for the song to be composed by a group member. You must be proud of that.
Jinyoung: Yes, my self-composed song has been included in this album as well. In the previous album where I wrote and composed. This time I managed to write, compose and edit my song. To see the end result of something I've worked on in my spare time over this period makes me really satisfied, and in future I will work harder and have more complete music with better standards to let everyone listen to. Also, CNU and Baro helped a lot in the making of this song. Similarly with the previous album, it's a song that I did not accomplish alone. The members give me ideas and opinions by my side, and it was only possible with their participation. To the members who even when tired out after practice, if I request for a song guide, they would agree readily, I'm really thankful.

Q. What were the intentions behind your title track?
Baro: I wrote the lyrics with CNU hyung It was from the idea of 'my heart/feelings for the opposite sex I like is zoom zooming through, just like a rocket taking off'. Everyone will understand when they listen to the song, but in the chorus, there is strong pronounciations and distinctive reggae-style rap. Once you hear it, you will sing along to it. I guess that's the charm of the song (laugh).
Gongchan: If you listen hard enough, there are many interesting sound effects like gunshots, rocket sounds, and the screams of a girl. Many people do not realize it the first time they hear the song, but they will find it interesting after hearing it twice, and that it is addictive.
Sandeul: 'Beautiful Target' also has choreography different from the usual. You'll be able to feel the charms of only B1A4, starting with Jinyoung hyung and Gongchan's gentle voices, the indivualities of CNU hyung and Baro's rapping, then my power vocals, forming up a house rhythm. 

Q. Please tell us about your favourite songs in this album.
Jinyoung: I tend to like songs that are of europop style, so when Wonderful Tonight was in its guide stage I started to like it. Especially when I paid a lot of attention to its sound when composing, and after refining it, I really like how rich it sounded.
CNU: I like Chu Chu Chu the best. Of course, I like all the songs but when we recorded this song, I put all my emotions into singing it. Even though I did not diligently put effort into getting into the feelings, I fell into them naturally. This song has a vintage feeling, and uses clean-sounding instruments. That is the song's charm.
Sandeul: For me, Chu Chu Chu. Its lyrics makes the song sweet. The song is also livened with the charming voices of the members, and the title itself is cute. At first when I heard the song title, I thought it was funny. But this song is sung to appease agirlfriend by going "woo-jjoo-jjoo", so the thought of me singing this to my girlfriend if I had one came up. (laugh)
Baro: No matter what, the title song is this best! When I first heard this song, I got goosebumps. So the ideas surged up within me and I ended up participating in the writing of lyrics. What makes this song different from others is that there are many interesting elements in it, hence I wrote lyrics for it with much emphasis on that.
Gongchan: Recently I have been listening to Wonderful Tonight. When I listen to this song, my shoulders move along to the beat and I get excited, even though the lyrics are sad. When I hear Sandeul hyung's high note adlibs in the last chorus, I think he's really handsome. CNU hyung's rap in the middle is also very memorable. Since this song is composed bit by bit after returning to the dormitory with a tired body, I feel even more attached to it.

Q. The mainstream music industry is filled with boybands, and B1A4 is facing a competitive situation. To a fan who has just learnt about B1A4, what differentiates you from the boybands currently in the market?
Jinyoung: We are a group that are filled with musical greed. We like all genres of music and are very passionate, and even though it may seem very natural, I as a leader am very proud and satisfied that we constantly search for new genres of music. I am one team with people like them. CNU and Baro have a lot to sing regarding rap. In their spare time, they write raps, listen to each other's work and give constructive criticism without holding back. They are very honest, and praise the other party when they have done well. As for Sandeul, he has a lot of greed for singing. He always thinks that "I am a person who sings", hence he takes everything with regards to the stage very seriously. One thing we can't forget is that Sandeul was watching the program "I Am A Singer" and after watching a certain singer's performance he went to the desk and laid face down for a long time. I think he had mixed feelings, of being touched (by the performance) and the thought of if whether he'd be able to move the hearts of so many people. Sandeul is doing really well now, but seeing him work hard with the thought of not being good enough for himself is really cool. In Gongchan's case, he is a child with a jewel-like voice, but has not been able to shine yet. As a fellow member, I feel pity for him. As much as he is working hard now, I think soon enough Channie's gentle voice will shine. And for myself, I am working hard to compose, write, edit and sing all at the same time without missing out any one. As our albums come out one by one, we wish to show everyone a more complete and better music. B1A4 are working hard with regards to music and are very passionate about it, so please continue to look out for us.
Baro: Ah! And the 5 members all have very distinct personalities and we get along well (with the fans) without any burden, that's our charms~ There are no members that are drop dead good looking, so you will be able to feel that we are like your next door neighbours. (laugh)

Q. Lastly, please tell us about your upcoming activites.
Jinyoung: Our resolutions for our second album are different from our debut album. The biggest difference is that we have gained many people who are showing us concern and love. With the thought of the fans who waited for us while we prepared for this album, we will work hard and fly far. Please watch over us.
CNU: "it B1A4" that has been prepared with hard work has come out. We'll sing with all our hearts. We want to show everyone our efforts.
Sandeul: What words are needed! We'll work rea~lly hard until this body is broken. Even if it means falling down on stage, we have no regrets! Please give us a lot of love~
Baro: The goal of this album's promotion is for people to be able to recognize us even if we are bare-faced, we said so on radio yesterday too (laugh). I'm not kidding, I want many people to know our music! We will work hard.
Gongchan: B1A4 has returned with a new album after 2 months. The time apart isn't very long, but one day felt like one year. I want to hurry stand on the stage again and meet the fans again. Thank you to the fans who waited. You all are our beautiful target~

Translation Credits: skipfire @ FLIGHTB1A4.com