[Photo/Twitter] Kahi with Kim Keon Mo!

After School's Kahi shared a new photo on the 3rd of December through her Twitter account.

Kahi tweeted a photo with Kim Keon Mo and wrote "Came to Kim Keon Mo Oppa’s performance~ Certainly is Jjang jjang jjang!! 20th anniversary concert. Really respect Oppa~ In the future too must live healthily and allow your music to be heard by more people .. Oppa jjang! Hwaiting~~!!^^

In the photo, Kahi put her arm on Kim Keon Mo's shoulder and smiles brightly. She is indeed pretty in the picture!

On the other hand, After School is promoting "Love Letter" with Pledis Family on various Music Shows.

Source: Kahi's Twitter
Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net