[Photo] Wedding photo of Gary and Song Ji Hyo revealed

Gary and Song Ji Hyo of SBS "Running Man" got married, thanks to the amazing photoshop skills of a netizens. Yes, this isn’t the first time edited wedding photos of the two cast mates have surfaced on the internet. However, this one wedding photo in particular became a big hit.

On December 27th, Gary tweeted the photo above with a message, "Suk Jin hyung asked me to send him a photo that would make him laugh whenever he is feeling depressed. This photo has nothing to do with reality. It’s just for laughs.. hahaha.. Running Man’s last filming of the year was good good!! Thank you for loving Running Man!!"

In the photo, Gary is seen wearing a black suit and standing alongside Song, who is wearing a wedding dress.

Netizens commented, "I thought it was a real photo", "Love it! Wish it were reality" and "I will support this couple until the very end".

Gary and Song are known for their love-hate-love relationship on SBS Running Man.