[Photo] Kim Bum imitates Jung Woo Sung

Actor Kim Bum has caught playing around with co-star and sunbae Jung Woo Sung.

On the recently released his photos taken on the set of jTBC’s drama "Padam Padam", Kim Bum evidently proved to be a zealous fan as he discreetly copies Jung Woo Sung’s every move.

Kim is seen closely imitating Jung's poses while holding back his laughter, making sense why the two are very close together on set.

Netizens commented, "Guardian Angel Kim Bum is hilarious", "he two handsome men come in a pair" and "The sight of them makes me happy".

Meanwhile, "Padam Padam" tells of a love story between Yang Gang Chil (Jung Woo Sung), a man who is falsely charged with murder and released from prison after 16 years, and Jung Ji Na (Han Ji Min), a veterinarian with a strong and cheerful personality.