[Photo] 4minute's Jihyun snaps proof shot with gift from a fan

4minute's Nam Jihyun recently showed off the present she received from a Singaporean fan.

On December 28th, Jihyun uploaded the photo above tagged as, "I came out after practice at dawn and in front of the company a fan from Singapore gave me a letter and a present..I was moved that she had not forgotten and continued to support us since that performance in Singapore long ago. Thank you very much, I read the letter, I'll use it well and gather my strength and as proof I'm posting a picture^^♥".

In the photo, Jihyun proudly holds her new pink diary for the year 2012. With a less-makeup face, she gives off a satisfied smile towards the camera.

Netizens commented, "Really natural looking selca and she’s so pretty" and "A fan from overseas gave her a gift? That must be so touching."

Meanwhile, 4minute is currently working hard for their upcoming comeback in January 2012 with a new mini-album.