[NEWS/VIDEO] Daesung Interview on MBN News

Q: What is the attraction of What’s Up?
A: I think that a story about campus life is ‘fresh’, and on top of that, the story is about the determination and trials of students as they move towards their dreams, which I think will appeal to other students. The issues about family should also cater to all.

Q: In the drama your music has a very ‘rock’ feel. Did you do a lot of preparations for this role?
A: Because prior to this drama I hadn’t really experimented with this rock genre, for the role of Hades I listened to a lot of rock music and also practised singing this style a lot until I finally managed to get that right feeling.

Q: How similar do you think you are to your character Hades?
A: Because this is my first drama, the script writer actually took a lot of my own characteristics into consideration when writing the script. I normally do not speak much and am the type of person to keep his feelings hidden, and these traits were put into my character’s personality, so even though the acting was challenging, it was not especially difficult.

Q: What were your fans reactions?
A: My fans are the ones who have given me the greatest strength, and in order to repay them and not disappoint them, I have put in greater effort. Thankfully, the response so far has been not bad, and I am happy about that.

Q: About coming back to the industry after your 7 month break…
A: Extremely nervously. The broadcast dates were on the 3rd and 4th, which coincided with the YG Family Concert dates, so I was extremely nervous during that period. There are also a lot of upcoming activities so I will be very busy, so while I am very nervous, I’m also happy to start over and have a new beginning with these activities, so it’s a bit of a half-half mixed feeling.

Q: What are your activities after this?
A: What’s Up has already finished production, so I can get to see everyone through it’s broadcast. Some time next year too I’ll be able to see everyone through Big Bang’s new album.

Q: What is Big Bang to you?
A: What is Big Bang to me? (laughing) Something like a portable stove/furnace (direct translation from the chinese word, not sure if he meant a heating pad or something like that instead?). During this period, I felt very sorry towards the members and yet they have given me a lot of strength. A portable stove is something that no matter what time or place, so long as you open it you can receive warmth. At the times when I was most down, it was their phonecalls that gave me strength, and they are the family that I am always very grateful

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