[News] ZE:A to hold a Christmas charity concert

The group ZE:A will be celebrating the Christmas holiday with a special charity concert!

On December 14th, Star Empire announced that the group will hold own charity concert party called "The 1st ZE:A's Party Concert NA:NUM 2011" which will take place at the AX-Korea hall on December 26th.

A representative stated, "The boys have been consistently volunteering for charity work, and planned to step further this year by creating a fun party concert."

ZE:A has teamed up with charity organization "Good People" and other sponsors to sell and provide foods and other products at a cheaper price. All proceeds will then be donated to "Good People", where it will be used to help the less fortunate.

At the party concert, fans are required to attend in a red and white dress code. A wishing tree, where fans can leave their handwritten wishes, will also be provided at the front lobby, along with donation booths.

Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net
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