[NEWS] YG Family Concert is a Night to Remember

Music has the great power to overcome obstacles as well as time, and 2NE1, Big Bang, Se7en, Gummy, Jinusean, Psy and Tablo, the newest addition to the YG Entertainment family, came together to become one through music.

The YG artists gathered on the Gymnastics Stadium stage at Seoul’s Olympic Park on December 4 for the 15th Anniversary YG Family Concert, where they performed for a crowd of 13,000 screaming fans.

2NE1 opened the show with hit song Fire before captivating the audience with performances of Can’t Nobody and Go Away. Member Sandara Park couldn’t contain her joy when she said, “I can’t tell if it’s a dream or reality that 2NE1 is taking part in YG Family’s 15th anniversary.”

The baton was then passed off to group Big Bang, who took to the stage for the first time together as five members in eight months. This marked the first time all of the members were greeting fans as one group since Daesung’s car accident and since G-Dragon was charged for marijuana use.

The concert was meaningful not only for the Big Bang members but for the group’s fans as well. Taeyang said, “It’s been a while since the five Big Bang members stood on stage together, and I’m glad we could stand together at a meaningful place like the YG Family 15th anniversary concert. I hope we can be together for not only the 15th anniversary but for the 20th anniversary as well.”

Daesung and G-Dragon, who returned to the stage after their fair share of ups and downs, shared their honest feelings about standing on stage again.

“It’s been a really long time since I’ve stood on stage,” said Daesung. “I realized how precious music and the stage is through being able to stand at this concert and the good times I’ve had in the past. Thank you.”

G-Dragon said, “I’m sorry for making everyone worry for one reason or another. I will make sure something like this doesn’t happen again,” before adding, “I will make up for it with good music.”

The glue of YG, Gummy and Se7en, were applauded for their colorful performances. The return of YG’s original hip hop duo Jinusean, which also celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, made the occasion all the more special. Member Sean said, “Welcome to YG’s 15th anniversary concert. This is a particularly meaningful stage for us.” He continued, “Just as it is YG Family’s 15th anniversary, it has been 15 years for Jinusean as well. Thank you for supporting us from the beginning and for cheering on YG Family’s success.”

Tablo, who was the target of a witch hunt concerning his academic credentials, then moved fans with performances of his hit songs. He introduced himself, saying “This is Tablo of Epik High, the youngest member and late child of YG, who is responsible for the lonely and melancholy winter air in a warm familial atmosphere.” He then said, “It’s been a while since I’ve seen you all from the stage (loud cheers), and I think it’s for this reason that I began doing music. Thank you very much.”

One of the many highlights of the night was Psy’s performance. He kicked off his set with Right Now before getting the fans on their feet with Celebrity, Shake It, Paradise and Champion.

The collaboration performances between the YG artists, however, proved to be the most memorable. Se7en and G-Dragon made surprise appearances during Jinusean’s performance, adding to the energy onstage. Se7en, Taeyang, Seungri and Daesung also surprised fans with a performance of 2NE1’s Lonely, while Sandara Park joined Psy on stage for Celebrity, causing fans to burst into laughter with her ‘Psy dance.’ It was a show that would have been difficult to witness anywhere else.

YG will take the family concert abroad for the first time in five years, since its overseas 10th anniversary concert. Japanese record label and Avex, who has formed YGEX in partnership with YG Entertainment, will bring the concert to Osaka’s Kyocera Dome on January 7 and 8 before making a stop at the Saitama Super Arena on January 21 and 22.

Source: enewsworld.com