[News] Wooyoung and JoKwon snap photo in hot spring

2P's Wooyoung and 2AM's JoKwona re enjoying their trip in Japan.
On December 14, Jokwon reveals photos of them while having a relaxing time in hot spring.

He wrote on his twitter, "We have many experiences in our trip here in Japan! It's our first trip and we will treasure this forever. I have lots of photos but these are for now."

In the photo, Wooyoung from 2PM is with JoKwon displaying their close friendship, although they are in different groups. However, because of 2PM and 2AM close ties they are name ONEDAY as a whole. Both groups are having promotions in Japan and took time to be together.

In the photo, JoKwon and Wooyoung are enjoying in hot spring exposing their bare upper body. While on the other photo, both of them aer posing in the camera holding their drinks.

Source:JoKwon twitter
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net