[News] Who are the top earners in Girls' Generation?

Girls’ Generation are undeniably the top advertisement models in the entertainment world this year but among the nine girls, who earned the most?

On December 22nd at 9pm KST, a corner of cable channel, tvN’s entertainment information programme, ‘enews’ titled ‘Most Watched News’ will be focusing on the girls’ individual incomes.

Along with Lee SeungGi, Girls’ Generation was recently selected as the best advertisement models in 2011. The secret behind it is none other than the fact that the group itself is well-loved by people from all age groups. Due to the girls’ various unique personalities, they have been constantly receiving offers to promote different products.

Among the nine members, Jessica and Tiffany were both ranked 4th in terms of individual incomes. With their participation in musicals ‘Legally Blonde’ (Jessica) and ‘FAME’ (Tiffany), they were paid about 3 million Won in performance fees per show. From 10 shows, the total performance fees would be about 30 million Won each.

Taeyeon, who has the most outstanding singing ability, came in 3rd. She was also a radio DJ and acted in the musical ‘Midnight Sun’. From her radio appearances, she received a fee of 400,000 Won per show. Thus, after two years, the total fee collected summed up to 288 million Won. For her musical appearances, she earned a further amount of about 30 million Won.

In 2nd place, it is none other than the maknae, Seohyun. Seohyun’s composed and trustworthy image is a favorite among advertisers. The appearance fee for rising stars in cosmetic products’ advertisement is around 100-200 million Won per advertisement. If Seohyun was paid 200 million Won per advertisement, she would have received an estimated fee of 400 million Won for two advertisements filmed.

Who among the remaining 5 members (Yuri, Sunny, YoonA, Sooyoung and Hyoyeon) earns the most in Girls’ Generation? The member who reaped in an estimated income of about 3 billion Won will be revealed at 9pm KST on December 22nd’s edition of ‘enews’.

Source: cj.net
Credit: fanwonder