[NEWS] TEEN TOP's Ricky, a Post With Deep Meaning... Netizens are Curious

Ricky posted a post with a deep meaning in it, and netizens are curious.

TEEN TOP's Ricky posted a short post through his me2day on 26th December, "
ㅁㅊㄱㅇ.. Running out of time".

Netizens are curious of the meaning of his post, because they are sure that the meaningful post are regarding his fluttered heart upon the upcoming comeback.

Netizens think that the post is a spoiler for their new album, they're trying to guess what's the meaning of the post. They tried to match the consonant with words like "Crazy memory, Going crazy, I don't think I can dance, I will stop, I'm going crazy", etc.

They showed some explosive reaction like, "I'm looking forward for the comeback already", "But what's the meaning of
ㅁㅊㄱㅇ?", "ㅁㅊㄱㅇ, is that the title song?", etc.

Meanwhile, TEEN TOP is planning to reveal their 2nd mini-album on 5th January 2012.

Translation by dianapetrina@6teensontop.com
Source : FNNEWS