[News] T-ara performs passionate one-on-one dance performances with "pretty boys"!

Girl group T-ara has attracted attention for their dance confrontation with "pretty boys."

On the December 17th broadcast of SBS E! "T-ara's Pretty Boys", T-ara will be appearing showcasing their one-on-one passionate dance performances with a handsome and dazzling male partner.

In the broadcast, T-ara members will go through a process of selecting a partner, choosing music, intensively creating the choreography and practicing with the pretty boys.

After completing their process, the members watched each others choreography in the back and then the on stage shooting began. The T-ara members were able to radiate bright charisma in the fierce dance competition.

T-ara's dance partners in the competition included a large amount of talented dancers including a 15-year competition dance winner. Many of them also were active dancing in broadcast television shows. One of the dancers was a "famous pretty boy" which has gathered interest. 

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Source: Nate
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem