[News] T-ara Interview with Taiwan's Vogue Magazine!

T-ara's trip to Taiwan this time is to share with fans on how to keep their skin healthy. With a "Tony Moly Secret Method"

The newly appointed leader Hyomin will be calling T-ara Fans [CITRINE], also as known as a yellow gem.

Hwayoung adding on excitedly, "We want to see a bright Yellow Sea of crowd that will shine the XiMenDing stage!" 

Boram said, "We are very concerned about the fans in Taiwan. This is our first time that T-ara will be taking photos with the lucky fans."

Jiyeon jokingly said, "On that day, no matter how late the concert and fan signs ends, we must sign all the lucky 150 fans albums before we can even leave!"

Qri continued, "Yes! That's right! Even if its needed to sign until midnight, us T-ara are starving, or have not sign till the last person and or never take the group photos we will never leave! We will stay at the stadium. Haha"

Lastly Soyeon said, "I can promise that when we make our trips to Taiwan as and when during the period of time, we will spend more time meeting the fans more then the media to show our sincerity!"

Translated by: Typhoon @tiaradiadem