[News] 'Sweet Sorrow' Kim Yeongwoo tweets screencap of IU's text message to him

Everyday at 4pm, Sweet Sorrow members (Only Kim Yeongwoo today) answers tweets from MBC4u radio FM listeners using sktworld's twitter account regarding a certain topic and today's topic was
"Songs you would recommend for the winter".

A twitter user "ollaokln" asked a random question to Yeongwoo about IU and he answered while making it connect back to the topic.

ollaokln: 아이유 휴대폰에 이제 오빠가 아닌 "영우삼촌" 으로 바꿔 저장이 되었을까요? ㅋㅋㅋ =
Yeongwoo: 오늘부로 전 삼촌이 되었지요 ㅎㅎ 아이유 앨범 중에 또 윤상 형 곡이 겨울내음이 나던데요 ?? ^^

ollaokln: Is your number saved as "Yeongwoo uncle" instead of oppa in IU's mobile phone now? Kekeke =
Yeongwoo: From today onwards, I became an uncle hehe Yoonsang's song in IU's album gives a wintry feel, doesn't it?? ^^

[insert image]
IU: Thank you, oppa~~No, it should be samchon (uncle) keke ㄲ

ollaokln: 오늘 스윗소로우 "김영우" 에게서 받은 멘션. 주제 무시하고 아이유가 오늘 방송에서 한 말에 관해 질문했더니 친절하게 아이유에게 받은 문자까지 캡쳐해서 주제에 맞게 대답해 주셨다 ㅋ (RT라 댓글은 캡쳐 안함)
ollaokln: I received a mention from Sweet Sorrow's "Kim Yeongwoo". Ignoring the topic going on, I asked a question about IU since she was on the show and he even replied with a screencap of a text message from IU, while bringing it back on topic ke (not included in this RT)

Translation: squishyblob and hope-
Sources: skt world and ollaokln twitters