[News] Supernova Sungje and Jihyuk to release OST for 'Bachelor's Vegetable Store'

It has been revealed that Supernova, who is actively promoting in Japan, will be releasing an OST for Channel A's drama series "Bachelor's Vegetable Store".

Sungje will extend his support for fellow member Jihyuk and will collaborate for a fresh new OST, "Be My Baby" for the drama in which Jihyuk plays one of the six bachelors.

"Be My Girl" is a medium-tempo pop song in a bright, fun melody with hopeful lyrics. The single is written by composer Park Hae Woon who have work for DJ DOC, and Baek Ji Young and wrote OST for "Boys Over Flowers" and "King of Baking". Sungje’s tough but attractive voice and Ji Hyuk’s attempt at rapping in a new style will be harmonized through the song, building expectations.

"Bachelor’s Vegetable Store" tells a touching story cheering for healthy and young adults working their sweats off to shape their own future. The drama airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 8:50 PM.