[News] SHINee makes you live longer

SHINee members showed off their bright and cheerful side on the recent pictorial for the December issue of Japan's famous fashion magazine, "Anan".

Dazzled by SHINee's charms, a staff member uploaded a photo of the group on an online community site under the title, "SHINee, who extended a Japanese magazine’s staff members’ life expectancy".

The staff member started the post with "Thanks to the couple of hours that I spent with SHINee, I feel like my life span might extend by years."

She further explained that Taemin's angelic face makes people believe that there's heaven on earth which urge them to live well and don't want to die.

During the pictorial, while Taemin was looking at a mini-kiwi the size of a knuckle, he cannot believe what he saw and exclaimed, "That's not real!" and smiled. Upon seeing his reaction, the female staff members claimed that they instantly increased their life expectancy by two to three years.

Netizens who read the blog commented, "I can imagine how Taemin might have smiled" and "Taemin’s baby smile is likable anywhere".

Source: enewsworld
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net