[News] Shindong's "abs" is a threat to Siwon's

Shindong has been bragging about his "abs" nowadays.
Yesterday he posted a photo in his twitter showing his firm abs. However, it came out that the photo was edited and he used Jaebum's abs.

On December 16, Shindong reveals another photos showing his firmer abs, and this time uses fellow member Siwon's abs.

He wrote on his twitter,

I can't believe it. I didn't expect my muscular body would be that popular !! Therefore, I'll reveal to you the second part!! Today is Siwon's!! "Siwon ah, Now you know why I don't body build myself, right?" If i true becomes like this, No.1 in visual rank will be changed!!(Siwon ah, sorry..) http://pic.twitter.com/hpNK3U3q

In the photo, is Shindong is posing like for a photoshoot with a perfect edited abs from Siwon's original body.

Now we know why Shindong doesn't grow abs and enough using other's abs XD
Hope he'll succeed in his dieting.

Source: Shindong's twitter
Written by KYUriShana@dkopnews.net