[News] SECRET's Song Ji Eun: "There Are Outcasts in the Celebrity World"!

Well-known for her powerful vocals and equally impressive range, SECRET’s Song Ji Eun is receiving attention for a comment she made regarding outcasts in the music industry. Specifically, Ji Eun’s words were “Even in the world of celebrities, there are outcasts and outsiders.” This should not be surprising to most people, and yet having a celebrity verify the claim is in itself quite surprising.

Indeed, amidst celebrity gossip, there have been various shocking episodes such as well-known stars getting caught using drugs and those caught in sex tape scandals, but this is the first to have mentioned the possibility of loners or outcasts in the glitz and glamour of celebrity land.

On December 23, JTBC’s quiz show “Idol Preview” had Song Ji Eun and other idols as guests, and this was where Ji Eun cautiously remarked “If I was on the receiving end of such degrading remarks, I’d’ be really sad” on the topic of celebrity outsiders. Being a rather sensitive topic from the perspective of celebrities, Ji Eun did not elaborate much on the subject except for the fact that she witnessed numerous instances of bullying and shared her true feelings regarding the various scenarios of bully and victim.  

On this day, Secret was missing their leader Jun Hyo Sung, who was out with a leg injury. Nevertheless, the girl group promised to perform their best throughout the game and was noted for their enthusiasm.