[News] Pledis Boys Showed off Perfect Visuals with a Fantastic Performance

On December 29th with the help of After School, the new group Pledis boys delivered a fun but powerful performance at the 2011 SBS Gayo Daejun.

Both groups hit the stage displaying intense colors which decorated their outfits and showed off an exciting and intense shuffle dance accompanied by gorgeous physical visuals. Due to this combination viewers were unable to take their eyes away from this impressive debut and caused the performance to draw a lot of attention online.

After watching the groups special stage netizens left comments like, “I thought they were cute…” and “…surprisingly powerful…I enjoyed the short stage” among other hot reactions.

After much preparation Pledis Boys are gearing up to show off the progression of their skills in their debut album. The group is currently practicing day and night for their upcoming but yet to be released group promotions in 2012.

Credit: Nate + Trans: AfterSchoolDaze