[News] Picture from new Lovey-Dovey MV filming?!

According to @AKEROOONG, the pic below is from Lovey Dovey MV filming

She tweeted
T-ARAのPV撮影。じよんちゃん のパジャマ姿がツボでした♥ ってことで、わたしも出演し ちゃってます!!笑 otanoshimini~^^

先ほどtweetされていたロビドビ です☆ @keitadj: えっ、 T-ARAのPV撮影?yayayaじゃないですよ ね?アケロンさん出演ですか ? QT @AKEROOONG T-ARAのPV撮影。じよんちゃんのパ ジャマ姿がツボでした♥ ってことで、わたしも出演し ちゃって

Trans :
The tweet is for Lovey-Dovey. @keitadj You're shooting T-ara's PV? Is it for yayaya? It can't be for Roly-Poly is it? QT @AKEROOONG Shooting T-ARA's PV. Jiyeon-chan's figure looks great in her pajamas♥ I will also act in it! Look forward to it~^^

She said that it's Lovey Dovey PV. There is going to be five versions of Lovey-Dovey so it is probably a new version instead of Japanese version like previously said
She is a Japanese singer named Ami Nakazato who will release her debut song on January 25th 2012.

***CREDIT: @AKEROOONG + @tarawota/@jogii + candy_floss + @ZtotheK