[News] Photo of Son Ho Young and IU erupts jealousy from fans

Singer Son Ho Young took an opportunity to snap a photo with adorable singer IU during ‘Open Concert‘. Both the singers looked so comfortable with each other, I don’t know who to be jealous of.

The photo above was uploaded by Son Ho Young through Twitter where he left a message that sounds like this, “I took this a while ago, and I’m uploading this finally. As an ‘uncle’ fan, I’m with pretty IU who is holding a CD at the Open Concert.”

Sensing netizens’ jealousy, the singer then added another message saying, “I know you’ll feel jealous, and I’m sorry about that. But don’t hate us. IU is the best!”

The photo attracted comments like, “I totally envy you.” “I’m actually jealous of IU.” “IU looks so cute.” “They look like uncle and niece.”

Credits: ningin.com