[News] Perfect Game’s Jo Seung Woo “I Gave Kim Junsu a VIP Invitation”

The Perfect Game actor Jo Seung Woo talks about his friend’s reactions [to the movie].

On the 15th, actor Jo Seung Woo had an interview about his new movie ‘The Perfect Game’ in which he said “my friends all reacted positively to the work”.

Jo Seung Woo conducted a press conference in front of many reporters at Seoul Lotte Cinema following a VIP premiere of the movie that was held in the same venue. Those who attended the premiere included members of club baseball teams, Jo Seung Woo’s fellow actors from the musical “Zorro”, and other celebrities such as JYJ’s Kim Junsu.

Seung Woo said “I told Junsu about the premiere a long time ago, but he actually came! He said that it was a fun movie and that he took particular interest to his hyung’s good work as part of a baseball team”.

‘The Perfect Game’ is based on the baseball legendary 1987 match between Choi Dong-won of the Haitai Tigers and Sun Dong-Ryeol of the Lotte Giants in. The movie will be fully released to audiences on the 21st.

Source: TV Report via Nate
Translation by: DoctorJaee of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3