[News] New.F.O Member JN is Former Girl's Day Member

It has been revealed that rookie group New.F.O's leader JN, was a former member of Girl's Day and known as Ji Sun.

JN has debuted as a Girl's Day member in their debut mini-album "Girl's Day Party 1". However, she left the team just two months with another member, Ji In. At the time, the group’s agency stated about the change in member composition, "Two of our precious members of Girl's Day are to be replaced. We accepted Ji Sun’s own will based on her personal circumstances, and Ji In wished to leave the team to receive official acting lessons."

After a year, JN returned to the music scene in formed of the new group New.F.O. Global Arts stated, "JN decided to join the team because the music she wanted to do and the music New.F.O would be doing matched. Her contract with her previous agency was settled peacefully, and JN is enthusiastic toward her role as the leader of New.F.O."

JN shared her thoughts and remarked, "I’m happy that Girls Day is making a name for itself, and I’m cheering for the group with all my heart, even though I’m far away."

She continued and announced her new group’s future plans, "New.F.O plans to perform in strong performances onstage, but in ordinary situations will converse comfortably with fans like friends."

New.F.O made its debut with first digital single "Bounce" on November 25th.

Source: enewsworld
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net