[News] New girl group "Amazing Vocals" will debut in January!

Girl group from Lee Hyori's agency preparing for January debut, "amazing vocals" In an interview with top singer Lee Hyori’s agency, B2M Entertainment, they revealed that a new five-member girl group will debut in January.

They initially planned to debut in the end of November, but that scheduled has since been changed. The girls put their heart and soul into making their songs for their debut in January.

Lee Hyori from B2M Entertainment used to be part of the girl group FIN.K.L and have helped make Yang Jiwon and Park Narae a hot topic. In addition, their talented singing skills have attracted attention.

Lee Hyori’s agency said, “Lee Hyori helped the new girl group song’s with the composition. We’re focusing on singing skills rather than spending money on other details. They will be obviously distinct from the current standing girl groups.”

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