[News] Netizens successfully track IU's brother's identity

Some celebrities are very sensitive when it comes to their privacy especially when invading their family's private lives.

This time, netizens targeted "The Nation's Little Sister" IU's brother. Her brother's real name and even his university have been known to public and spreading in social networks like Twitter. Particularly a picture of him uploaded on internet, is a strong evidence.

On December 22 episode of "Happy Together 3- Christmas Special", IU revealed that her brother is keeping her identity as his sister a secret.

IU said, "His sunbaenims in university look high on him since they got evidence that we're siblings and said you look like IU. IU mentioned before that her brother transferred to other university and you're a transferee right?" That kind of evidences that they are holding and concluded that he's my brother.

She continued, "Lee Jinguk is my father's name, but my brother had to lie and said "My father's name is Lee Gukjin not Lee Jinguk" expressing her disappointment.

Majority of netizens agreed IU and her brother who is protecting her identity although she is celebrity. However there are netizens who keep commenting "They have superior genes" "IU's brother is handsome" making the issue bigger.

Source: Nate
Written b yKYUriShana@dkpopnews.net