[News] Netizens chose Girls’ Generation and Kim BumSoo as 2011′s best male and female singers!

Female netizens picked Kim BumSoo and Girls’ Generation as this year’s best male and female singers.
A portal site dedicated for females, Easy Day recently conducted a survey entitled, ’2011 Easy Day Entertainment Awards’. The result of the survey was released on December 21st.
Out of a total of 1446 participants, 29.1% voted for Kim BumSoo and Girls’ Generation respectively as this year’s best male and female singers. Kim BumSoo is well known for his regular participation in MBC ‘I Am A Singer’ this year, while Girls’ Generation have made their name known all over the world, becoming the core of Kpop craze.
The top issue in the entertainment news this year went to the ‘Seo TaeJi and Lee JiAh’s secret marriage and divorce’ case where it received 42% of the total votes. Kang HoDong’s retirement (26.2%) and global popularity of Kpop wave (15.4%) were ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively.
Other than these categories, surveys were also conducted on other areas such as ’2011 Best Drama’, ’2011 Best Variety Programme’, ‘Best Actor and Actress of The Year’, ’2011 Best Entertainer’,etc.
Majority of the participants were made up of female netizens (72%) in their 30s (37%). 16% were those in their 20s and 28% in their 40s.
Credit: star.mt.co.kr + fanwonder.com